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Saturday, October 17, 2015

#ProtestBOA in 7th Week in Texas

Pro-aborts respond with counter protest in Austin
Texas Observer on site at 515 Congress Avenue for article defending Planned Parenthood
from John Pisciotta, Director
Pro-Life Waco

In its 7th week, our protest against Bank of America seeks a termination of Bank of America’s 100% matching grants for employee donations to the now disgraced Planned Parenthood. #ProtestBOA happens each week in Waco and Austin—and hopefully soon in other cities. #ProtestBOA at the downtown BOA branch in Austin Wednesday brought a counter demonstration and a hit piece on pro-lifers from the leftist Texas Observer. I am pleased the article was published. You can read the article here.

The article focuses more attention on the controversy over Bank of America and also contains flagrant lies. 1. It is untrue, as stated in the first paragraph, that pro-lifers mocked a personal story of abortion. 2. As explained later in the article, the alleged mocking came from a statement by a Bank of America security guard who was not happy with our weekly protests in Austin. 3. Texas Observer states we were aggressive and harassing in our behavior. I will not waste my words with a response. There was aggressive behavior from a young man on the other side. Except for this one man, all on the Planned Parenthood side and our side were well-behaved.

I’m more into action than words these days. My response to the “heavily edited distortions” of Texas Observer is: WE SHALL RETURN. The article implied that all the 10 protesters in Austin Wednesday were from Waco. Actually, eight were from Waco. We were joined by fellow foot soldiers from Round Rock and Georgetown. Obviously, we do not have a lot of participation from the Austin area at this time.We would enthusiastically appreciate collaboration from anyone from Travis or nearby counties. We will be at the BOA branch at 515 Congress Avenue for the foreseeable future on Wednesdays from 11-1 p.m.

I close with making it clear that we win EACH TIME WE PROTEST. Our winning involves the clear message to the Austin business community that it is not a good idea to partner in any way with Planned Parenthood. We are also an encouragement to many people in the Austin-area who are pro-life. In Austin, those on our side tend to whisper their support rather than shouted it out. We want to be an encouragement to those people. We also pass out flyers on #PPSellsBabyParts to do the job the mainstream media refuses to do. Finally, pro-lifers have various gifts to offer our cause. For some, it is participation in a challenge in the public arena to Planned Parenthood and their supporters. Pro-Life Waco makes public proclamations possible. I believe the #ProtestBOA is a worthwhile and winnable cause. So who’s afraid of the second largest bank in America and their media allies in Austin?! See more on #ProtestBOA at the our website using this link.

Achieving the capitulation of Bank of America will likely require a collaboration among several pro-life organizations. If your organization is willing to deliver weekly protests at a Bank of America branch in your community, pro-life Waco can work with you on this so that there is virtually no financial cost to you. I would be so pleased to hear from you.

I end with photos of the sights of #ProtestBOA in Austin last Wednesday.

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