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Monday, October 5, 2015

From Dundee with Love....

Dearest Friends of Culture of Life Africa,

 As I leave Dundee today I do so with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  When I committed to this Dundee Mission I thought it will be a "small" bleep on my very busy pro-life mission chart. I thought it will be a "mini mission" after having spent most of this year travelling to distant lands, speaking at big events, making big strides for the cause of life and marriage. But how wrong I was!!!

Dundee has become for me a history-marking, character-forming and life-changing experience. Here is why...From the very beginning, God mapped out this mission to be an unmitigated success.

I gave 4 talks in 2 days.  First to the Council of priests, then to University of Dundee students, then to 16 year old students, and finally to the Pro-Life organisation SPUC at the Mass of their 40th anniversary.  So as a result I met the full spectrum of the Dundee society- men, women, youth, children. I spent time with the Bishop, priests, nuns and lay people.  And I had the unquantifiable joy to speak, and listen and learn and laugh in the company of these amazing people.

At the pinnacle of my mission was the most striking lesson of all. I came across the "Mary Slessor" memorial. 

Mary Slessor, who died exactly 100 years ago, was one of the illustrious daughters of Dundee. She is so remarkable to them that she is on their £10 note! 

But Mary Slessor was not just a daughter of Dundee, she was a missionary to my country Nigeria. And do you know what she did for my people more than 100 years ago?  She fought the barbaric practice we had then of killing baby twins (due to superstitious believes of the day). Mary Slessor rescued twin babies from being killed, she adopted a number of them and most importantly she fought that Culture of Death in Nigeria. She was indeed a pro-life hero and a missionary to the core.

So yesterday afternoon I had the inexplicable privilege of walking through the city of the very same woman who came to live in Nigeria a hundred years before I was born, in order to spread the Gospel of Life to my people in Africa.  I visited her memorial and spent time going through her belongings displayed at the Dundee Museum.  And that was where I learned that her favourite saying was: "God plus one is majority"

For me History is being replayed and revealed. I continue to learn with every passing mission the significance of this pro-life walk. That every life is indeed sacred. That every life is worth saving.
That God plus one is majority. 

And to learn all of this I had to go all the way to this small city (Dundee) seating beside the North Sea in the far north-east corner of the UK.  Woe to me if I do not serve the Gospel of Life with the remaining days of my life...Asking for your continued prayers.

From Dundee with love & humility,

Note:  This letter is posted with permission of the author.   

Culture of Life Africa, is an initiative dedicated to the promotion and propagation of the Gospel of Life in Africa through the dissemination of good information, sensitisation and education.

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