Sunday, October 11, 2015

Respect and Dignity of Life

Ladydianna911       10/11/2015

Respect and Dignity of Life

For many years people have debated when human life begins.  Some mistakenly thought it was when the mother first felt that little 'butterfly feeling', just a little flutter, others thought it was when the baby first took a breath on it's own.  We now know that the size of the baby doubles in the first 24 hours after conception and that baby's heart is beating in the first 18-25 days. Many times before the woman herself even knows she is with child.

The bible (God's Holy Word), tells us, He knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb, so we must have had a spirit or a soul at that time. By the 20 week cutoff, set by the USA government, there is an actual baby with arms, legs and a brain.  Viable? Depends on the care the infant receives.

I personally call abortion, 'premeditated murder'.

Premeditated murder is the crime of wrongfully and intentionally causing the death of another human being (also known as murder) after rationally considering the timing or method of doing so, in order to either increase the likelihood of success, or to evade detection or apprehension.

What is the difference? 

A pro-choice mother decides she is not ready, doesn't want it now, or doesn't want people to know. She then begins to plan the intentional destruction of that child (Premeditated).  Of course she doesn't call it a child, it's just a blob of cells, she is told.  Perhaps she believes that or simply doesn't care.

Other young girls or women may elect to have the baby and put it up for adoption, because their core values won't let them kill an innocent human being. 

It has recently come out into the light, that a large abortion mill is not only killing viable human beings, but butchering them alive and selling their body parts for research.  This selling of any baby parts is against the law, not only by God, but by USA Law.

This butcher shop is known as Planned Parenthood.  You will find them located in the poorer sections of your city. These places were started by Margaret Sanger to establish a form of genocide for the Black citizens of our nation.

Today, so many from all backgrounds, turn their back on what is good and right, and take the walk, into the dark side, as they kill the baby they are carrying.

God spoke to this.
What did GOD say in Exodus 21:22 (NIV)
22 “If people are fighting and hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely[a] (miscarriage) but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman’s husband demands and the court allows.

What if the offender is the mom herself, having been lied to, about a blob of cells?

Today, if a person kills a woman that is pregnant, that person faces being punished for a double homicide.

But wait, if it's just a blob of cells, how can you be tried for murdering a blob of cells, when this same practice (Abortion), has done away with more than 55 Million babies, in the USA alone?

It is time the USA resets it's overall moral compass and teaches young girls and boys the beauty of celibacy.

Many blame the downfall of this country, the uprising of gangs, the dissatisfaction of life in general, in the break down of the family. Less people are getting married today.  Why marry, if you can still live the single life? The babies that are being born, have a 50% chance of living with one parent, usually the mother. If the mother didn't marry to have children, it's more likely that neither will her children. It doesn't matter the race, it's all over this nation.  They have no role models in their own families, that marry, have children, stay married and make a life for themselves and their children.

The churches are empty and you can ask some kids about Sunday school or Jesus, and they just look at you.  They have no idea about God, Jesus, the Bible, morals or church. Perhaps that is one reason we keep hearing of Americans running off to join a movement that the people seem to believe in.

America will pay for this and maybe what we are seeing today is a part of the punishment that's just beginning as we watch this Godless Generation grow.


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