Friday, October 9, 2015

This Coming Saturday - October 10, Your Presence is Needed at the Gates of Hell

From Ted Meehan
Pro-Life Union of Delaware County

In his magnificent Keynote address to the World Meeting of Families, Bishop Robert Barron focused on the scriptural phrase:

"The Gates of Hell will not prevail against you." 

Many think of this phrase, as a protection against an attack by the forces of evil, and an assurance that they will not be overcome.

But, that is backward. In ancient times, the Gate was the fortified entrance to a city, or town.

Therefore, the Gates of Hell describes the barriers that surround and protect the Evil.

From whom? 
From us! 

But we cannot overcome the Gates of Hell unless we confront them.

In other words, Victory requires confronting the Evil. And, we are promised that - when we do, the Gates of Hell cannot prevail against us!

I believe that the Gates of Hell consist of Ignorance and Apathy.  Evil hides behind these two doors. It glories in misinformation, lies, and distortion. These cannot be defeated unless they are confronted. Apathy is overcome by our commitment to act. Ignorance is overcome by our witness.

This coming Saturday - October 10, your presence is needed at the Gates of Hell. It is both a National Protest Planned Parenthood Day, AND 40 Days for Life.

Thousands of people will be out, all over our nation - serving as a Light against the Darkness of Planned Parenthood.

Will you be there too? Your presence is the key to victory. 

It is against your faithful presence that the Gates of Hell cannot prevail. It is time for those who love Life to allow their joyful love to triumph over the dark evil of Planned Parenthood. Please come and be counted.

You can find a place by visiting either the 40 Days for Life website, or the Protest Planned Parenthood website. Both list locations in each state.

But, I am making a special plea for you to come to 12th & Locust - Pennsylvania's most deadly abortion chamber.

About one in every four Pennsylvania abortions occur here each year.

If we truly wish to prevail, this is the 'Belly of the Beast'. Your presence is likely to be a beacon of hope to desperate mothers, a testimony to the humanity of the unborn child, and a peaceful, prayerful outreach to those poor, damaged souls who work inside this awful place - which may eventually heal them, and lead them home.

Please make this commitment, and bring a friend. 9am to 11am at 12 & Locust.

God bless each one!

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