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Sunday, May 31, 2015

ACTION ITEM: Say NO to Hillary Clinton!‏

From Steven Ertelt, Editor

Abortion activist Hillary Clinton has announced her bid for the Democratic party nomination for president and she is almost certainly going to become the party’s nominee to keep the White House in pro-abortion hands.

For the pro-life movement and the protection of unborn children from abortion, we MUST replace pro-abortion President Barack Obama with a pro-life president. It would be a monumental loss for unborn babies if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Abortion could stay legal for DECADES more if Hillary can stack the Supreme Court with even more abortion activists.

If she is elected president, Hillary Clinton will continue to advance abortion at every turn. A President Hillary Clinton for four or even eight years in the White House will result in millions of abortions on tiny, helpless unborn babies.

Hillary Clinton will force Americans to pay for abortions with our tax dollars, she will push abortion on an international scale, and a Clinton administration would continue pushing abortion in Obamacare and forcing Christian companies like Hobby Lobby to pay for abortions for their employees.

We need your help TODAY to stand up against Hillary Clinton.


After you sign the petition, please support LifeNews.com with a donation to help us reach thousands of pro-life people with this petition so we can keep building a grassroots network of pro-life people to stop Hillary Clinton!

LifeNews needs your help today to speak up for unborn babies brutally killed in abortions. Can you please send a donation  so we can speak up for tiny defenseless babies?

If you have the ability, a donation of $250 or $500 or even $1,000 would go a long way to ensuring LifeNews can reach as many pro-life people as possible with this petition before the House votes. Thank you for everything you have done to help LifeNews speak up for babies who have no voice of their own.

To make a donation to LifeNews, just head to our easy online donation page that will take you to two different options to make an online donation with your credit card or an electronic debit transaction. Or, you can fill out the form following this letter and mail a check to us.

Demonstrations at Waco Walmarts this Monday (June 1) over 50 Shades of Grey Video Promotion

From John Pisciotta
Director of Pro-Life Waco

The time for searching and planning is over. It is time for action from the daring. Pro-Life Waco seeks broad support for demonstrations this Monday, June 1, at Walmarts in the Waco area.
You and I can be at the Franklin Ave. Walmart (New Road vehicle entrance/exit) from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. During the 10-11 hour, we will transition over to the Hewitt Walmart (Hewitt Drive entrance) for a demonstration that will last until 1 p.m. We will NOT hit the Bellmead Walmart since their 50 Shades video sales do not spread across the store to customer checkout stands. I have revised the signs we used in the Battle of Target, replacing the Target name with Walmart. Come and hold one of these signs or make one of your own. In reality, the most important “sign” is YOUR physical presence. Each person who comes out will have a more powerful impact than one sign staked to the ground.

Those who participate—hopefully dozens—will be heeding the Gospel call to defend and shield the hearts and souls of precious children. Will we succeed? In some ways, I am sure we will succeed. Our comfortable silence while Walmart markets 50 Shades of Gray will be replaced by visual, vocal, and PERSONAL opposition. We will send messages to marketers at Walmart and to our Christian neighbors.

When we step into the public arena we are sometimes criticize by others—even our Christian friends and relatives and pastors. Let us be encouraged by those who deride us for daring to take action. I dedicate this Monday’s Walmart outreach to a special group of Protestant pastors in Waco. In the early fall of 2005, Hooters restaurant sought City of Waco permits to build a sexually oriented restaurant in our city. These pastors did not shrug and go with the flow. They appealed to city officials in a public stand for virtue and for rejection of Hooters permits. They raised money and placed full-page ads seeking public support for their cause. Unfortunately, the permits were granted and the restaurant opened in January of 2006, I do not see their efforts as a defeat by any means. They stood for what was right and appealed to other to join their cause. 

I appeal to pastors, staff, and laity of Christian churches in the Central Texas area to join Monday anytime between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. to say to Walmart management and the Waco community that we are not going to wave “a white flag” with continued silence.

I close with a quote from over 100 years ago from Theodore Roosevelt about the significance of action for a great cause:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.”

Housing Sought for Pregnant, University Student in SE Pennsylvania

Mother's Home is seeking housing for a University student who will be entering her Sophomore year in September 2015. She will also be delivering her baby girl mid-September. Because she has no relatives and a rejection from a former foster mom, she spent holidays alone at her school in the dorm last year.

This 20 year old has survived great abuse and a war when living in her home country in Africa. Despite only two years education before coming to the USA and and being educated in a high school here tat is not considered positive, she is on scholarship at prestigious Catholic University in Delaware County and doing well. Her goal is to relinquish her daughter for adoption and continue going to school to become a doctor.

She is gentle, kind, and sweet, with great respect for others. She will be spending most time over the next few years at school, but we are looking for a family to house her when she is not in school until she graduates, which would require part of the summer and holidays. She has the long term goal of getting her own apartment.

For more information, please contact Helen at lizzieshope@comcast.net.

As a residential shelter, Mothers’ Home provides a safe haven for vulnerable pregnant women in crisis who choose life as a sacred gift. We encourage our mothers to celebrate the joy of new life and help them to prepare for their future and the future of their child.

We focus on physical, emotional and developmental needs including positive life skills, parenting and job preparation. We strive to assist our mothers to reach their goal of independence and self-sufficiency. 
For more information on Mother's Home, use this link.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Invitation from Friends of Fertility Care Philadelphia

Movie & a Meeting - All in One Night

From Friends of Fertility Care Philadelphia 

Come out and celebrate FertilityCare the way it was meant to be! 

Join us on Thursday June 18 at the Olde St. Andrew Church Meeting Room in Newtown for a viewing of the film NaPro: A Quiet Revolution and meet Dr. Monique Ruberu - Philadelphia's Newest NaProTechnology trained obstetrician & gynecologist. 

There will be a Q&A session following the film. This will provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions from the FertilityCare Professionals of Greater Philadelphia who will be in attendance.

The Movie-NaPro: A Quiet Revolution explains that there is a viable alternative to birth control to treat women's health problems and a far superior treatment for infertility than in-vitro fertilization [IVF]. The film looks at a new women's health science of Natural Procreative Technology [NaPro Technology]. Come to see it!

Meet Dr. Monique Ruberu - Philadelphia's Newest Obstetrician & Gynecologist 
Dr. Monique will share her conversion story and passion for life! Currently she the only Ob/Gyn trained in NaPro Technology in the Philadelphia area. A Q&A session will be open for everyone. This will provide an excellent opportunity to ask fertility care questions.

Light refreshments will be served and literature will be available for purchase.

Sponsored by Friends of FertilityCare - Philadelphia & St. Andrew's Church, Newtown

NaPro: A Quiet Revolution is a new documentary, produced by Black Friars Media, an apostolate of the Dominican Providence of St. Joseph. 

Hope you will come to our Movie & a Meeting! For more information contact Theresa Strenge at tcstrenge@yahoo.com

New Jersey Action Alert: Please Don't Forget to Vote Pro-Life on June 2nd!

Marie Tasy, Executive Director
New Jersey Right to Life PAC

On June 2, 2015, there is a Primary Election for State Assembly candidates. If you live in the 24th legislative district (Part of Morris County: Mount Olive; all of Sussex County; part of Warren County: Allamuchy, Belvidere, Blairstown, Frelinghuysen, Hardwick Hope, Independence, Knowlton, Liberty, Oxford, White), please be sure to go to the polls to vote for Parker Space and Gail Phoebus for State Assembly, the only candidates endorsed by New Jersey Right to Life – PAC in the 24th Legislative District. Please also tell your pro-life friends and family members who live in the 24th legislative district to vote for Parker Space and Gail Phoebus.

View how your 2 Assembly members voted on pro-life legislation before you vote for them on June 2,  


Each voter is represented by a legislative district which is comprised of one State Senator and Two Assembly members who are elected to represent you. This year, only the State Assembly is up for election. There is a primary election on June 2 for State Assembly and there will be a general election on November 3 for the State Assembly.

We believe it is important for you to be an informed pro-life voter. Therefore, we are including vote tallies on two recent votes which took place in this last legislative session which affect the sanctity of human life so you you can view how your 2 Assembly members voted before you go to the polls to cast your vote(s).
Assembly vote on S866/A2648, legislation to legalize commercial gestational surrogacy, voted on May 15, 2015. Note: We support a No Vote on this legislation. View vote tally here

Assembly vote on A2270/S382, legislation to legalize physician assisted suicide, voted on November 13, 2014. Note: We support a No Vote on this legislation. View Vote tally here
Please share this information with concerned pro-life voters.

Please check our NJRTL-PAC website and NJRTL website regularly for updates and information.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

‘Bully Bill’ Requiring Pro-life Centers to Advertise Abortion Passes CA Assembly

by Susan Michelle
Live Action News

A bill that violates the free speech rights of privately-funded pro-life pregnancy centers in the state of California by forcing them to advertise and promote abortion has now passed the state Assembly and advances to the Senate.

AB 775 passed its last Assembly hurdle Tuesday when it was approved by the members with a straight party-line vote, with Democrats in support of the bill.

The mandated government speech required by AB 775 includes a statement that all pro-life pregnancy centers must post publicly:

“California has public programs that provide immediate free or low-cost access to comprehensive family planning services (including all FDA-approved methods of contraception), prenatal care, and abortion, for eligible women. To determine whether you qualify, contact the county social services office at [insert the telephone number].”

Adult Stem Cell Success Story - Paul Wagle

Presenting Charlotte Lazier Institute's First Video Release!‏

from Chuck Donovan
President, Charlotte Lozier Institute

The Charlotte Lozier Institute is pleased to present our first-ever video celebrating one account of a life-saving ethical adult stem cell treatment.

Our short video recounts the poignant story of Paul Wagle, a young man from Kansas who was diagnosed with cancer at age 10 and endured chemotherapy for two-and-a-half years only to then relapse.

Doctors informed him he was part of the “15% of patients where chemotherapy did not work.” So they gave him another option – adult stem cell treatment – and the rest is history.

I hope you will take a moment now to watch our brand new video that we've posted below and hear from Paul himself about how adult stem cells saved his life:


Many others like Paul are currently being treated with non-controversial adult stem cell transplants, which do not require the destruction of a human life for the healing of another, while many more could benefit if only they knew of this hope. You might be interested to know that a recent press release on a February 2015Lancet Haematology study says the following:
HSCT (also known as blood and bone marrow transplant) is most often used to treat diseases of the blood and several types of cancer such as multiple myeloma or leukaemia. For many people with these diseases the only possibility of a cure is to have a HSCT.
CLI began supporting Stem Cell Research Facts, a valuable and accessible resource for ethical adult stem cell research and education, in January.

We plan to continue sponsoring more inspiring videos like this one to raise awareness about this life-saving, science-based, and ethical option of treatment. I hope you will share CLI’s important video with your family and friends, and please feel free to reply to me using this link with your thoughts on it.

The stem cell issue is filled with questions, confusion, and controversy about science, cures and the best ways to find those cures.

Often ignored in the discussion is one glaring, indisputable fact: certain kinds of stem cells—called adult stem cells—are already helping people with cures and treatments, with the real promise and hope that more can be done. If one hears in the news about stem cells helping people, you can be sure that it is the result of adult stem cells, as that is the only type of stem cell helping people today. The public, and patients, need to hear about these incredible advances. That is why this web site was created.

To learn more about CLI's mission or to help them with their work, use this link. 

Donations can also be mailed to Charlotte Lozier Institute, 1200 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20036

Priests for Life Welcomes Additional Full-time Priest

Priests for Life is happy to announce that Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, a priest of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, has been given permission to work full time with Fr. Frank Pavone and the Priests for Life Pastoral Team starting June 12.
This is a tremendous affirmation of the importance of the work of Priests for Life to the Church, and the priority of the cause of protecting the children in the womb. 
Following is an article that our Communications Director has written for this occasion. We welcome you to send Fr. Stephen a message of greeting and encouragement!
Find out more about Fr. Stephen by clicking on his photo on the front page of www.priestsforlife.org. - Fr. Frank Pavone

Leslie Palma, Communications Director
Priests for Life

After working full-time in pro-life, Father Stephen Imbarrato wasn’t sure he really wanted to become a priest when he enrolled in Holy Apostles, a Connecticut seminary designed for men discerning a vocation later in life. But Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, mentored him during a retreat at Franciscan University in Steubenville. Later, at Holy Apostles, he met a priest who was in Connecticut looking for someone to organize pro-life ministry in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

Father Stephen had his answer.

While he was in seminary, he was head of the Holy Apostles Life League and was director of Seminarian Life Link, an outreach of Priests for Life.

“While I was at Holy Apostles, Fr. Frank called Holy Apostles ‘the most active pro-life seminary in the world.’ We went to the abortion mill weekly to pray, started a public pro-life library, sponsored a weekly holy hour for life, and consecrated Adam’s Tomb for the Unborn, with Father Frank celebrating the Mass and leading the interment,” Father Stephen said “Also, while I was in the seminary, I founded St. Gerard’s Center for Life across the street from an abortion mill in downtown Hartford. It is still operating to this day.”

Father Stephen was ordained in 2005 and headed west to New Mexico.

Now, after 10 years in parish ministry, his bishop has released him to do full-time pro-life work with Priests for Life.

“I hope it came about by the hand of God,” he said. “I feel like this is the right time to take a break from parish work and do full-time pro-life work.”

Father Stephen will continue to live in Albuquerque, the late-term abortion hub where he founded two pro-life organizations, Project Defending Life and Protest ABQ. He has since handed over the reins of those organizations and now, as a full-time member of the Priests for Life Pastoral Team, he will travel and speak at events on behalf of the New York-based ministry, and attend monthly meetings at its Staten Island headquarters.

Father Frank said Father Stephen will be a “powerful addition to an already powerful Priests for Life team,” which includes Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA, Fr. Walter Quinn, OSA, Janet Morana, Dr. Alveda King, Bryan Kemper, Dr. Theresa Burke, Kevin Burke, and Marie Smith.

“ The growth of this diverse team of leaders over the years has been organic,” Father Frank said. “Leaders have come onto the team after years of collaboration with us and the development of a relationship of communication and trust. The case of Father Stephen is no exception. I have known him and worked with him in the pro-life trenches from before he entered the seminary. He thinks clearly about the tragedy of abortion and responds courageously to it.

“I am very grateful to Archbishop Michael Sheehan for permitting Father Stephen to pursue that aspect of his vocation that impels him to devote himself entirely to the protection of our youngest, weakness, and most defenseless brothers and sisters, namely, the children in the womb. This is a calling that many people, both clergy and laity, experience. It is only natural and logical that while living in the midst of a holocaust, a significant number of people would feel impelled to make the ending of that holocaust the top priority of their activities.”

Father Stephen’s new ministry will bring him much closer to his north Jersey roots and his family, which includes a daughter-in-law and four grandchildren. Unlike the vast majority of Catholic priests, Father Stephen is not only an ordained priest; he is also a father, grandfather and a post-abortive dad. When he was in his early 20s, his girlfriend became pregnant and had an abortion.

“I did not force her but I did not stand up and say, ‘have our baby,’” he said. “I looked her up almost 30 years later when I was in the seminary to apologize to her for not being more of a man for her and our baby. It was then that I found out the abortion involved twins, which she never told me. It is my hope that my two babies, Thomas and Mary, are in heaven and I pray every day for the soul of my adoptive son, John.”

Father Stephen was the first post-abortive father to share his testimony as part of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, telling the story of his abortion experience in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building during the 2004 March for Life.

The abortions are not the only loss Fr. Stephen has experienced in his family. His adopted son, John Imbarrato, took his own life in August 2014. The following month his 17-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She has since undergone treatment and the family is awaiting word that the cancer is in remission.

Priests for Life looks forward to sharing with all of you many fruits from Fr. Stephen Imbarrato's work with us in the months and years ahead!

Urgent Action Alert: 30 Seconds to Prevent a Repeat of Kermit Gosnell

From Ted Meehan
Philly Alive  

Please take 30 seconds to ask your state senator to oppose the nomination of Pedro Cortes as Pennsylvania's Secretary of State. You can also help even more by letting others know about taking action. Please direct them to the action page using the action button below

When you've submitted your message, please share this on all your social media sites as well as with your e-mail lists. (Thanks to Pennsylvania Family Institute for providing the link below.)

Time is very short. The full Pennsylvania Senate will soon be voting on the confirmation of Pedro Cortes, to return as Secretary of the Department of State. This could happen as early as next week. In his earlier tenure, no inspections of abortion centers were made - for eight years. Worse, no complaints against abortion providers received any action - not even those arising from maternal deaths. It was in this atmosphere that Gosnell was able to commit his atrocities. Unbelievably, Governor Tom Wolf (a Planned Parenthood escort) has re-nominated him to serve in the same position!

The State Government Committee moved this nomination to the full Senate with "no recommendation" - by a unanimous vote. It is extremely uncommon for any candidate to receive a "no recommendation" - even moreso by a unanimous vote. Not even members of his own party voted for a favorable recommendation! So our efforts - to this point - have been effective. Yet, Wolf and company are lobbying heavily to get him confirmed. You can prevent his confirmation, by clicking on the link above, signing the petition, and spreading the word.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

ACTION ALERT: Sign This Protest Against "Catholic" Abortion Referrals‏

John Ritchie
Tradition Family Property, Student Action

Would a true Catholic ever say this:
"If you are thinking about having an abortion, it's best not to wait"?
No. Of course not.

But unfortunately that is what the Catholic health care provider PeaceHealth is telling people on its website. Planned Parenthood is listed too... as a place "to get help."

The PeaceHealth web site also features pages about abortion in these terms: "This topic is about ending a pregnancy."

You see, PeaceHealth is a big Catholic health care system on the West Coast with 10 hospitals, 50 medical clinics, and 850 providers.

Respectfully urge them to remove all abortion referral information.

Click here to sign your peaceful protest to PeaceHealth

It's easy and fast. As you well know, abortion and abortion referrals go against God's Law...... and the most basic right to life. And that's why a pro-life employee at PeaceHealth (who wants to remain anonymous) asked TFP Student Action for help.

"If I could get the referral page to Planned Parenthood removed from the Catholic PeaceHealth Patient Education pages (use this link to see page) I would be happy," she wrote. "I work for PeaceHealth and have been lobbying with our Ethics Director to no avail. The answer I have been given is that there is a Disclaimer (in a tiny font)."

"It is a disgrace for a Catholic health care group," she continued, "and I cannot fathom why it is so difficult for them to update it to reflect what is supposed to be our ethos."

PeaceHealth's mission statement is very clear.

It says: "We carry on the healing mission of Jesus Christ by promoting personal and community health, relieving pain and suffering, and treating each person in a loving and caring way."

Which is another good reason to ask PeaceHealth's Peace Island Medical Center to stop listing Planned Parenthood as a "partner organization."

Yet oddly enough -- after searching -- I couldn't find a single pro-life resource or crisis pregnancy center listed anywhere on PeaceHealth's web page. It's sad.

So let's speak up for the unborn now and urge PeaceHealth to remove Planned Parenthood and all pro-abortion language and referrals from its web site -- today -- immediately.

Click here now to sign your pro-life petition against abortion

Will you also share this alert with your pro-life friends, please? Thank you so much for defending the unborn. God will reward you.

Secret Ohio Department of Health Docs Reveal 47 Horrific Botched Abortions,

Countless Safety Violations and More

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

[Note: Most links in this article will take the reader to never-before published records received from the Ohio Department of Health. Those documents are archived at AbortionDocs.org.]

Columbus, OH -- Ohio recently made headlines with reports that half the abortion clinics in that state have closed and several others have curtailed services, reducing abortion numbers to the lowest since 1976.

"When abortion clinics close, abortions decline and lives are saved. It's as simple as that," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and co-author with Cheryl Sullenger of the book Abortion Free. "We have worked in Ohio on a number of projects in cooperation with local leaders that, in part, contributed to this decline, but more must be done."

Newman notes that there is great cause for concern regarding hazardous conditions and practices at the Ohio abortion clinics that are still open.

Operation Rescue has released a new special investigative report detailing deteriorating conditions and horrific injuries at Ohio's eight remaining abortion facilities.

The report is based on secret records from the Ohio Department of Health that have never before been made public, that show that at least 47 abortion-related medical emergencies or complications took place at the eight abortion clinics since 2011, including the abortion-related death of a 22-year old African-American woman named Lakisha Wilson.

The documents also detail an alarming laundry list of life-threatening safety hazards at those same abortion facilities.

"Abortion complications and horrendous conditions as detailed in these documents are not confined to Ohio abortion clinics. We see these kinds of things in every state," said Newman. "Ohio is just a microcosm of the dangers that exist at abortion clinics throughout the nation."

Other Ohio Department of Health records show that abortion facilities have singled out poor urban women from the African-American community as targets for aggressive abortion marketing and that African-American women are the ones who are most impacted by the abortion cartel's substandard conditions and practices.

"Operation Rescue calls on the Ohio Department of Health to stop turning a blind eye to dangerous conditions and practitioners, stop issuing variances to those who cannot qualify for hospital transfer agreements, and shut down as many abortion facilities as necessary to protect the lives and health of Ohio women, starting with the Preterm clinic in Cleveland," said Newman.

Read Operation Rescue's ground-breaking Special Report with links to never-before-seen documentation.


By Reverend Katherine Marple

Janet Benshoof, President of the Global Justice Center, believes that abortion will cure what Boko Haram is doing to women and girls. In a recent NYT Letter to the Editor, she says:

Former Captives in Nigeria Tell of Mass Rapes” does not mention how the United States’ anti-abortion policy is determining the fate of female victims. Largely because of the abortion ban attached to American foreign aid, Nigerian women and girls raped and forcibly impregnated by Boko Haram militants will be denied lifesaving abortions.”
How incredibly ridiculous to even think that America is the world’s abortion authority in any situation, conflict or war. There is nothing ‘life saving’ about abortion considering it does kill an innocent child. But let’s take out the fact that abortion is CLEARLY wrong in EVERY situation and see how idealists like Benshoof believes America and Americans should be their abortionists:

“It is shocking to think that the United States will compel these survivors — and many others who suffer similar fates in places like Syria and Iraq — to bear the children of those who rape them.”

First of all, there is nothing compelling here. It is not up to the United States to be the #1 Boko Haram abortion provider.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Battle of Walmart Begins for their 50 Shades of Grey Alliance

from John Pisciotta, Director
Pro-Life Waco

First Target, now Walmart nationally is promoting the despicable and demeaning “Fifty Shades of Grey Movie.” In the video department AND CHECKOUT LANES, they are selling DVDs and Blu Ray copies of the movie. Are we going to let this pass? Or will we stand up for women and children. Before we get to demonstrations at Walmart street entrances, we need to flood Walmart’s national headquarters with complaints.

The phone number is 800-WALMART. The responses to the first 3 menu choices are 2, 2, and 1.

For an online message, use this link. 
  • Click on the “Store Experience” round button.
  • Then click on the “Next” button in the lower left corner.
  • This brings you to a page where you can write your comments.
In the morning, I will go out and personally talk to the three store managers in Waco. I will “gently” let them know what happened to Target stores in Texas.

This is the message I just sent on line.
Can't believe my eyes. Went to my Walmart store in Waco (Franklin Ave.) and saw displays selling the sadomasochistic movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" at the checkouts and the video department. Target stores in Texas had to deal with protests and demonstrations for their promotions of "Fifty Shades of Grey", which portrays demeaning bondage with a man's sexual degradation of a woman. I did not think Walmart and Target Stores were cut out of the same cloth. Walmart may face demonstrations too. There are people who will boldly stand up to defend women and children. Don't be surprised to find demonstrators with large signs at the vehicle entrances to Walmart stores.
Even if you are not able to get out of the house you can make the call and send the on-line message. Personal visits to store managers are needed soon.

Jesus became quite angry about those who would guide a precious little one along the wrong path. There are times for sugary sweet discipleship. The Battles of Target and Walmart are not such a time.

Share this. Spread the word. We can have more influence than we know.

To review what happened in the Battle of Target in last February, Google this string of words:
Target stores Fifty Shades of Grey Protest Sex Toys Texas

A Day for Heroes

From Denise Burke
Vice President of Legal Affairs
Americans United for Life

Memorial Day is a day for heroes – an opportunity to remember those who gave their lives in service of something greater than themselves. While we rightly commemorate the sacrifices of those who came before us, it is also important to gratefully acknowledge that we are still surrounded by modern-day heroes who continue to fight for the most important of America’s founding principles: Life.

Like many Americans, I come from a family of heroes – generations of ordinary people who chose to serve their nation and their families with equal dedication. My grandfather, Francis “Al” Burke, served in the U.S. Navy in the years leading up to World War II. My father, Dennis Burke, spent 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and was awarded the Bronze Star for his heroism in Vietnam.

As a little girl, I could often be found clomping around the house in my father’s combat boots or crisply marching off to bed to a drill-sergeant cadence. For all the fun my family had with the outward symbols of military service, it was the military’s core principles of dedication, honor, service, and sacrifice that remained with me.

After graduating law school, it was my turn to serve. Following in my father’s footsteps, I was commissioned as an Air Force officer and served for 14 years, both on active duty and in the Reserves. I have many wonderful and poignant memories of my time in uniform. Easily one of the most vivid is the early fall day when I was returned to active duty in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. My new job at AUL and my everyday life were obviously disrupted by this call to wartime service, but the sacrifices were well worth the costs. I was given an inestimable gift: the chance to defend everything that I loved and to serve an end far more important than my own plans or desires.

Service in what is now America’s longest war was not my only or last opportunity to serve with heroes. For the last 15 years as an attorney with AUL, I have worked with men and women who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed professionally and financially for the sake of a profound truth: everyone should be welcomed in life and protected in law. Yet again, I am grateful to be counted among those who daily focus their attention and efforts on a greater good.

My thoughts and prayers this Memorial Day turn to those who – like me – have worn our nation’s uniform and served with honor and distinction in places like Normandy, Iwo Jima, the Chosin Reservoir, Khe Sanh, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They also reflect the pride and tremendous respect I feel for my current “comrades in arms” at AUL and in the larger pro-life movement. It has truly been an honor to serve alongside these selfless and dedicated heroes.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pro-Life Group Challenges Planned Parenthood at their "Cocktails for a Cause" in Austin, Texas

John Pisciotta, Director
Pro-Life Waco

Pro-life challenge to Planned Parenthood’s “Cocktails for a Cause” took place in Austin on May 19. After six years of celebration of the causes of abortion and promiscuity, this event was “greeted” by a small and enthusiastic group of pro-lifers committed to action in the public arena. 

Four came down with signs from Waco. John Ecker drove with passengers John, Vincent, and Gary. Lynn Williams of Round Rock led the Austin-area contingent that included Carol, Lynn’s grandson, and six-year-old great-grandson. How is that for a Tuesday evening family outing?

Our outreach happened on busy 6th Street on the sidewalks in front of “The Belmont” where the Planned Parenthood faithful gathered for the 6-8 PM fundraiser. We were there from 5-7 PM to greet those who entered past a variety of signs.

Planned Parenthood claimed 400 would attend. I would not dispute this number. Planned Parenthood allies streamed in, with many using valet parking at $10 a car.

The Planned Parenthood backers were not at all pleased to walk through and past pro-lifers with signs to get to their festive celebration of fornication. The environment remained calm. A few words were exchanged. However, the “choice side” was not interested in discussion.

A handful of rented security guards were on site. They called the police, hoping to get us removed. It did not take long for the police to put Planned Parenthood security in their place with the reality that we were acting lawfully in a public right of way.

I learned that failed candidate for Texas governor, Wendy Davis, attended and spoke encouraging words about their pernicious cause. 

Wendy apparently slipped in through a back door and did not avail herself of the opportunity to see our signs designed just for her. In addition to face-to-face engagement with those who paid $65 each to attend, our outreach was witnessed by those walking on both sides of 6th Street and those in heavy auto traffic.

After our time in front of “The Belmont” our contingent drove out to Cracker Barrel in Round Rock for a time of dining, fellowship, and laughter. The Waco gang departed at 3:00 PM and did not return until 11 PM. The pro-life cause will bring us back to “Cocktails for a Cause” in 2016.

Interviewing Kermit Gosnell is “sitting in the presence of evil”

Kermit Gosnell

By Dave Andrusko
National Right to Life News Today

Earlier this week we posted about what promised to be a remarkable interview. Trice convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell had, for his own bizarre reasons, agreed to give a prison interview to the producers of “Gosnell,” a forth coming film that will be highly critic of the man whose abortion clinic Philadelphia District Attorney called a “House of Horror.”

Ann McElhinney was interviewed on TheBlaze TV’s Dana and talked about the two-hour interview, which left her unable to speak for a full hour afterwards, so disturbing was their time with Gosnell. You can read a prĂ©cis of her remarks and also be linked to the full interview.

Here’s what stands out to me, as someone who has read the entire 261-page report multiple times, dozens and dozens of stories about this 2013 trial, and an e-book.

McElhinney said while she has met many criminals throughout her journalistic career, with Gosnell “you are really sitting in the presence of evil.” She went on:

continue reading at http://www.nationalrighttolifenews.org

Tell the U.S. Supreme Court you stand with Priests for Life

From Father Frank Pavone, National Director 
Priests for Life

We at Priests for Life are headed for the Supreme Court!

From the very beginning of our challenge to President Obama's HHS mandate -- and we were only the fourth group to launch such a challenge in federal court, back in February of 2012 -- we said we would go as far as we needed to go, all the way to the Supreme Court.

Now, having had both the District Court and the Appeals Court rule against us, the time for that has come. This past week, the Appeals Court rejected our request to have the full panel of judges rehear the case. So now we have 90 days to appeal to the Supreme Court. And in the meantime, we need the Appeals court to keep in place the injunction which has protected us from the mandate throughout this litigation.

Priests for Life has been, and remains, the "lead case" for the religious non-profit sector, just as Hobby Lobby was for the business sector.

Our case -- represented by the American Freedom Law Center, and our attorneys Robert Muise and David Yerushalmi -- is farther along in the courts than the others -- even though some have gotten more media. None has gone to the Supreme Court yet on the merits of the arguments. There has been some Supreme Court activity just about preliminary injunctions, while the arguments on the merits of those other cases are being heard in lower courts.

But Priests for Life is about to ask the Supreme Court to hear our case on its merits! And we want your voice to be heard along with ours!

We are asking you to send us an email that says “I Stand with Priests for Life” to let us know we have your support.

This means a lot to me. Knowing you are with us, in prayer and action, means a lot also to our whole team here at Priests for Life, and to the other leaders, government officials, and Priests for Life supporters around the country.

I am also getting ready to send a message to the Holy Father and to the various offices at the Vatican to update them about our lawsuit, and I want them to see how many people are standing with us!

Taking this step does not involve you in any legal battles or impose any legal liabilities or responsibilities. This is simply an expression of your support for our efforts, and a pledge of your prayers for the success of our case.

But let me also assure you, should the Court ultimately refuse to hear the case or ultimately rule that we need to obey the mandate, I say, as I have in the past, We will obey God rather than men.

So please click here for the information on how to send that email today. And please send this email to as many people as you can!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Legislative Director to Give Talk in Carlisle

'Defending Life in Public Policy'

From the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Saint Gabriel Respect Life Ministry's Pro-Vita Institute will conduct a program focused on the defense of human life in our nation. The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, June 25, at the St. Patrick Catholic Church Parish Activity Center, 140 E Pomfret St,  Carlisle. (Use this link for driving directions.) 

Speakers for this program will be:
  •  Rev. Paul Schenck, Director of Pro-Life, Diocese of Harrisburg: "The Personhood Debate in America Today"
  • Dr. Lauren Winn, Center for Women's Health, Camp Hill, associated with Holy Spirit Hospital: "Essential Elements of Embryonic Development"
  • Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, PA Pro-Life Federation: "Defending Life in Public Policy."

The cost is $10 and includes lunch and reading materials. For more information contact Patty atdowlingkp@yahoo.com or Gabriel at marcella@pa.net.

Florida Court Blocks Surgical Abortions at Kissimmee Planned Parenthood‏

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

Kissimmee, FL - A Florida Court of Appeals has ruled that Planned Parenthood's recently opened facility in Kissimmee cannot provide surgical abortions because the procedures violate restrictions placed on facilities in the medical park where the abortion clinic is located.

Planned Parenthood located to the Oak Commons Medical Park, owned by MMB Properties, and opened in July 2014, under the false pretenses of being a "doctor's office."

The "declaration of restrictions" for facilities within the Oak Commons Medical Park clearly states that property cannot be used as an "Outpatient Surgical Center."

Continue reading to learn more about this victory and view the court opinion!

Painful Deaths for the Unborn‏

from Steve Stockman
United States Congressman

Great news! 
The Pain Capable Abortion ban just passed the U.S. House of Representatives last week. Now the fight will continue in the U.S. Senate where it is sure to face intense opposition from the abortion lobby. Please read my message below for more information about what's at stake.
You may remember when news broke two years ago about the grotesque practice of late-term abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, in Philadelphia. The nation was horrified.

But if Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama get their way, it will remain perfectly legal to kill babies right up until the moment of birth.

Now I’m hoping that you will sign the petition in favor of the Pain Capable Abortion Ban to your two United States Senators which I'll link to in a moment.

You see, America was appalled when they got a glimpse into the true horrors of the abortion industry when Kermit Gosnell was convicted for doing virtually the same thing that other abortionists do on a routine basis. The difference? A few seconds.

Gosnell waited until babies were delivered before he killed them, instead of "legally" doing it inside the womb.

But babies at this age are viable, fully formed human beings capable of feeling pain. The Supreme Court has permitted paid assassins to stab, burn, dissect, poison and throw these innocent babies away like trash, right up until seconds before birth.

That's why it is so urgent you  sign the petition to your two United States Senators.

After the horrors of the Gosnell case, you'd think that ending late-term abortions of fully developed unborn babies would be a no-brainer -- especially since the abortion movement worked so hard to distance itself from him. Not so. Nancy Pelosi even went so far to defend it by declaring the so-called "right" to a late-term abortion "sacred ground."

You see, the abortion lobby is so radical, that they can't even stomach abortion restrictions on fully formed viable babies at the late date of FIVE MONTHS. At five months, an unborn baby has all of his or her organs. They can -- and have -- survived outside of the womb.

So it's time to make politicians who condone this slaughter go on record and pay politically for their radical support of abortion-on-demand.

That's why I'm hoping you'll  sign your name to this petition right away.

You see, full-scale, public debate in the United States Senate over the Pain Capable Abortion Ban will again demonstrate to the nation the true horror of abortion. And it will expose the radical nature of the pro-abortion politicians.

When radical pro-abortion Senators attempt to filibuster the Pain Capable Abortion Ban in the Senate -- as I'm sure they will -- the entire nation will see graphically what you and I already know:
  • That a baby at 20 weeks or more of gestation feels intense pain.
  • That a 20 week abortion is an operation which brutally dismembers a fully formed child, piece by piece.
  • That the abortion movement not only thinks these brutal abortions are a constitutional right -- they believe you should be forced to pay for them.
The Pain Capable Abortion Ban is designed to outlaw this ghastly crime.

As a result of the efforts of the National Pro-Life Alliance members and other pro-lifers who cranked up the issue debate, politicians like Senators Mary Landrieu, Mark Udall and dozens of pro-abortion politicians in Congress have seen their careers abruptly halted.

And looking ahead, there is a rich target list of Senators who voted radically pro-abortion in the past and face tough elections the next two cycles.

By turning up the heat through a massive, national grassroots campaign in this session of Congress, one of two things will happen:

If you and other pro-life activists pour on enough pressure, pro-lifers can break the filibuster and win passage of the bill, to ban a barbaric practice that claims the lives of thousands of children every year.

But even if the bill does not immediately pass, the public attention and subsequent outcry will send another crew of radical abortionists down to defeat the next time they face the voters.

And then we'll have enough votes to pass other important reforms like requiring ultrasounds, the Parental Notification and Intervention Act, and ultimately a Life at Conception Act to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Either way, the unborn win . . . unless you do nothing.

That's why you and other pro-life activists must bombard members of the Senate with petitions, postcards, calls and letters.

And the first thing you must do is to sign your petition.

They are the key ingredient in the National Pro-Life Alliance's plan to pass the Ban on Pain Capable Abortion.

Your National Pro-Life Alliance can't match the millions of tax dollars Planned Parenthood is spending to lobby for abortion-on-demand.

But with your petition and chip in contribution of $10 or $20, we can generate enough heat in the right places to, for the first time in history, pass a bill to END and not just regulate a whole class of abortions.

But it's urgent you act now.

Thousands of babies die in this gruesome procedure every year -- just a few inches away from a live birth.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Victory for Rhode Island Pro-Lifers:

New Rule Requires Abortion-Excluding Healthcare Plans for 2016

Flag of Rhode Island

by Genevieve Plaster
Charlotte Lazier Institute

Beginning in 2016, Rhode Island health insurance carriers who will offer plans either on or off the exchange will be required to provide an elective abortion-free plan at each metal level at which they will offer plans. Research from the Charlotte Lozier Institute and the Family Research Council in November 2014 showed that Rhode Island was one of four states that offered only plans covering elective abortion for the 2015 enrollment period.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) announced on May 18 that the change is a result of a lawsuit that the legal organization filed on behalf of an HIV-positive pro-life resident who was forced off his private insurance. Because the Affordable Care Act mandates that individuals who buy a federally subsidized plan covering elective abortion pay a separate abortion surcharge, all Rhode Island residents who purchased any exchange plan were required to pay into the abortion fund. By guaranteeing new plan options that exclude elective abortion in 2016, the revision will free Rhode Islanders who object to paying the abortion fee from the mandate.

The goal of the Charlotte Lozier Institute is to promote deeper public understanding of the value of human life, motherhood, and fatherhood, and to identify policies and practices that will protect life and serve both women’s health and family well-being. Our profound conviction is that the insights available through the best science, sociology and psychology cannot help but demonstrate that each and every human is not only “fearfully and wonderfully made” but blessed to be born at this time in human history.

Beware, These Aren’t Your Parents’ Scouts!

by Birgit Jones
Catholic Stand

This isn’t your parent’s scouting!

As if it’s not bad enough that the Girl Scouts of America are in cahoots with abortion giant Planned Parenthood, enter the push within the Boy Scouts of America for openly homosexual leaders. As it is, they already accept openly gay scouts into the fold.

But now we have more, deeply troubling developments in the world of scouting.

The Girl Scouts have decided to embrace cross-dressing children into their club. So if your little girl doesn’t want to share her troop with a boy in girl’s clothing, too bad!

The Boy Scouts, on the other hand, have decided to show their feminine side. Not to appear overly male, their leadership has decided that water guns can be forbidden. That’s right, it’s too violent to point a colorful plastic toy, containing water, at a fellow scout. Not to be forgotten are the equally enlightened parameters for water balloons – they must not be larger than a ping pong ball.

Birgit is a 50-something cradle Catholic who is passionate about the pro-life movement. She has been married to her Catholic convert husband, Rick, for 39 years. They have four children and eight living grandchildren (all age ten and under). Their frequent visits eliminate any fear of an empty nest! Birgit can also be found on her personal blog Designs By Birgit and Facebook fan pageDesigns By Birgit, where she shares the pro-life memes she creates.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


To immediately release the bodies of babies murdered by Kermit Gosnell, from the Medical Examiner’s Office, to allow them to be properly buried.

From Ted Meehan
Philly Alive 

It was in May 2010 that the Grand Jury considered the atrocities committed by Kermit Gosnell. Two years later in May 2012, Gosnell was sentenced to Life in Prison.

He had been convicted of more than 240 criminal offenses, including the first degree murder of three babies. Prosecutors reported that "hundreds of born-alive babies" had been murdered, but they prosecuted only the easiest three for conviction.

Dozens of these victim babies have still not been buried. They are being kept in a freezer in the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office. Mayor Nutter's administration has refused to allow these babies to be released for burial, despite multiple requests having been made.

We will be asking Mayor Nutter - again - to release these babies for burial at his office on June 10 at 11am. Anyone who is available is invited to join us.(Spread the word.)

But, in order to add weight to our request, we are urging you to print out several copies of the Petition using this link, and ask your fellow parishioners, neighbors, and friends - to add their names to this humanitarian request. One of the Corporal Works of Mercy is to Bury the Dead.

Please bring petitions with you on June 10 or mail them to Philly Alive, 720 North Eagle Road, Havertown, PA 19083.  For more information contact Philly Alive at  PhillyAlive2015@gmail.com. 

Restoration America 2015


Join us in Philadelphia on July 3rd - 5th as we seek to begin yet another movement in the Church that will save lives and see our country restored as only God can do!
For over 40 years we have legalized the killing of unwanted children. Abortion in America alone has been responsible for more deaths than the genocidal mass killings of Hitler and Stalin combined - Something needs to be done!

We will not see a change in this nation until we in the Church repent of our collective apathy and take collective action!

In the Spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14 we will acknowledge the role of the Church in the degradation of this land, ask God to forgive our sins and heal America.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says "If My people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins, and heal their land."

Repentance with consequent action is clearly the key to seeing God restore this country!


For more information or to register, use this link. 

Please note that registration is not required to attend this free event; however, we would like to have a good idea of how many people will be attending.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Abortion Advocates ‘Glitter Bomb’ PA Pregnancy Centers, Frame PA Pro-Life Chapter

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

During her early school age years, my daughter loved to talk about all the things she could do with glitter and glue. By adding in construction paper, she could make magic. I still treasure one of the glitter-filled ornaments she handcrafted one Christmas.

You may have seen reports about individuals receiving “glitter bombs” in the mail. These are nondescript envelopes which are filled with mounds of glitter. The unlucky recipient does not learn of the prank until after he or she has opened the envelope and the glitter spills out onto hands, clothes, and desks. In short, it creates quite a mess—much more of a mess than the typical elementary school student doing a craft project.I find it particularly ironic then, that the pro-abortion community would choose to use one of the staples of childhood, glitter, to spread their anti-child message.

In March, the Washington Times reported that Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska) received a glitter bomb “apparently in retaliation for the Congressman’s pro-life stance.”

A note which came with the glitter bomb read, “Congrats, you’ve earned this for denying women their right to choice. Mind your own uterus.”

Activists to Protest at the Austin Planned Parenthood this Thursday

Activists will protest at the Austin Planned Parenthood on Thursday to call attention to Planned Parenthood's targeting of African-American women and other minorities, who suffer the most from abortion abuses. 

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

Houston, Texas - As Infowars.com is launching a protest at Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas, Operation Rescue has released four 911 records related to medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood's abortion facility in Houston.

The 911 calls were placed on January 31, February 6, February 25, and February 26, 2015.

According to the Infowars.com web site, "Infowarriors and pro-life activists are encouraged to come and peacefully protest Planned Parenthood's admitted targeting of the black community and all innocent children, as outlined by founder Margaret Sanger."
Protest Details: 
Time: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST  
Date: Thursday, May 21 
Location: 201 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

The Houston Planned Parenthood, where the recent medical emergencies took place, is located an area that targets poor urban women of color.

"There is an old adage that says actions speak louder than words. After hospitalizing four women in less than 30 days, Planned Parenthood can no longer pretend to care about women," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "Planned Parenthood clinics are not equipped to cope with even the most common abortion complications and must call for emergency assistance and transport when abortions go wrong. And they appear to go wrong all too often at the Houston Planned Parenthood, where unfortunately Black and Hispanic women are bearing the brunt of the abuse."

Read on to find out what happened to four Planned Parenthood patients and hear the actual 911 calls!