Thursday, March 10, 2016

Abolishing Abortion: How You Can Play a Part (Book Review)

Book Review of Father Pavone’s New Book

from The End of Abortion Movement

Want a Steely Resolve to End Abortion? Then light the fire by reading Father’ Pavone’s new book Abolishing Abortion that starts right out with this great quote, “The battle against abortion demands—no less than the founding of this country demanded--a steely resolve and a willingness to accept the price of engagement…If need be, we have to be prepared to lay down our lives for our unborn brothers and sisters."

Not there yet? Then pray for more strength and courage from the Lord and read this book. Here are some more great quotes, “If you are wrong on abortion, you can’t be right on other issues.”~George Weigel

Father Pavone calls us to repentance as the first step to ending abortion and this is an issue I would disagree with slightly in the fact that I believe that without prayer we would have no strength to repent but either way we need to repent and pray. As Father Pavone says, “We begin our repentance by renouncing our cowardice, by regretting our silence, by rejecting our fear of risk and loss, our skewed priorities and attachments…The biggest obstacles(to ending abortion) are inside of us. They are the lies we tell ourselves, the fears to which we willingly submit, and the pretense of ignorance about what we really have to do next.”

Often, when people seek advice about pro-life activities, they ask me what they should do next. I start by telling them that they probably already know. Our sense of uncertainity rarely arises from not knowing what we should do. It arises from not having the courage to do it. We count the cost and don’t want to pay the price. But it is time to risk, time to stand up and shout that the world is on fire—time to pull the fire alarm and join in the fight!

“Either we resolve to protect every human life, or we start to deciding whom to exclude.” ~Fr. Pavone
We are living in a world proud to turn a blind eye to the obvious. That great blind spot in our culture covers the children in the womb. Our Mission is to shine light on that darkness!”~Father Pavone
God Bless you for reading this and may it inspire you to get the book and read it. Once done reading get out there and help End Abortion!
“Ultimately, the end of abortion will not require the mobilization of millions of people, but rather the relatively small numbers of people willing to take great risks! “~Father Pavone
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