Monday, March 21, 2016

Global Abortion Tax is Coming - You Can Help Act Now

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

UN radicals are clamoring for a global tax on financial transactions that will be an independent revenue stream for UN programs that promote abortion and “various forms of the family.”

This is among the most dangerous ideas promoted at the UN and around the world in years.

A Global Tax for Abortion would inevitably result in forcing Christian countries to legalize abortion or liberalize existing laws restricting abortion.

C-Fam is partnering with LifeNews to fight back. Please  SIGN THE PETITION RIGHT NOW by clicking on the image below, and then share with  all of your friends and family. 


Is the Global Tax for Abortion real?

It sure is. It has been discussed for years by global elites. Called the Tobin Tax, it would tax all international financial transaction including when you change money when you travel.

The Global Tax for Abortion was on the agenda of the World Humanitarian Summit that will bring government leaders to Istanbul this May. It was also a part of the Sustainable Development Goals that will be the biggest development program in history that will end up costing trillions of dollars.

We can stop the Global Abortion Tax but we cannot do it without your immediate help.

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