Sunday, March 20, 2016

It’s About Autonomy, Not Pain

A Canadian euthanasia trail-blazer has openly admitted 
that pain is not behind most requests for death

by Cristina Alarcon
CARFUL! A Blog About End of Life Issues

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down the ban on doctor-assisted death last year and has given the federal government until June to come up with a new law.

Until then, a patient can present a pharmacist with a court order and a prescription for a lethal dose. However, as there is currently no requirement to verify that the physician has done a proper assessment, it is strongly advisable that pharmacists obtain legal advice.

Whatever happened to wellness and harm reduction?

To prevent death from overdose, we carefully restrict doses of opiates and benzos for drug addicts. Why, then, would we help the suicidal to take a lethal dose? The shift from harm reduction and suicide prevention to state-sponsored death is worrisome, to say the least.

How did we get from kill the pain to kill the patient?

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