Friday, March 4, 2016

Sidewalk Advocates for Life - Stories from the Sidewalk

from Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

This was a story I couldn't wait to share with you!

Several weeks ago, at one of our locations, something miraculous happened. One of our program directors had been praying and sidewalk counseling regularly at her local abortion facility; she frequently sought to make contact with the abortion workers, offering them help from And Then There Were None abortion worker ministry.

One day, she decided to go out to the abortion facility, even though she had been sick and lost her voice. When she arrived at the abortion facility, she thought, "Well, I can't call out to the workers to say hi since I don't have a voice, so I'll get on my knees and pray for them." She did just that.

What she didn't know was that a worker -- who she had spoken with previously -- was watching from inside. When this worker saw her on her knees, they thought, "I'm a Christian, and she is, too. But she's on her knees out there praying ...and I'm in here doing this. I'm a hypocrite."

That worker packed up their stuff, quit on the spot, and walked out to embrace those on the sidewalk! (This person is now in the care of And Then There Were None abortion worker ministry!)

Praise God! What the worker needed that day was a silent witness, blessed by the power of prayer. But no doubt, the conversations leading up to this moment were monumental as they had served to plant seeds, establishing her as a witness to Christ and someone who could truly help!

This is why this work is so important. What if someone hadn't been there?

This is a question that haunts me daily. How many other abortion facilities out there have no one, trained and equipped, to reach out to abortion-bound women and men? How many workers have no one to offer them a way out of the abortion business?

Sidewalk Advocates for Life currently covers 11-12% of U.S. abortion facilities -- truly amazing after just 23 months of ministry -- but we must close the gap and get this life-saving program into as many hands as possible!

This is why I need your help: We are financially stretched to the max, and we cannot expand without your support! When you make a donation to the work ofSidewalk Advocates for Life, you'll not only provide support to our current locations as we grow our training and support program, but you'll provide the means for this work to rapidly expand across the country.

Just this past month, we approved about 10 new locations -- and about 6 of them didn't have the money to pay for their training materials. However, we readily accepted them into the program, believing that God would provide for these programs through your generosity!

Friend, I'm humbly asking you to partner with us in this great work! Can you make a small sacrifice to help save even more lives? I thank you for making whatever sacrifice possible today so that others may live! Click on the button below to make a donation.


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