Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Your Daily Bread for Life.

Your Daily Bread for Life.

National Pro Life Alliance:

 Dear Friends,

Since 1973 more than 61 million innocent and defenseless unborn babies have been dismembered and discarded like trash but today you and I have an opportunity to do something about it! Thanks to the upcoming elections you and other pro lifers have the opportunity to insist your candidates for congress come out strongly for pro life. 

It’s important to know which of your candidates are pro life and which are abortion on demand. The fact is , the positions taken by your candidates on the sanctity of life will determine whether your representatives will ultimately move to end our nation’s barbaric policy of abortion on demand.

 In the coming session congress will face a wide range of issues that will literally determine the life or death of millions of unborn babies. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU AND I PIN DOWN THE CANDIDATE'S POSITION ON EACH OF THESE ISSUES NOW!!!!!!!!  (unquote National Pro life)

 Pearl’s Poem:

 It’s a Life:

 It’s not an agenda! It’s a Life!...A citizen with life time rights! it’s not an agenda! It’s a child!..A Precious Baby, meek and mild!  A little girl or a little boy...you are debating to destroy!  How can you coldly turn away and call it “politics at play?  How can you honestly deny your christian duty to that cry?  It’s not an agenda!  It’s a Life! A citizen with life time rights

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