Monday, March 21, 2016

Thousands of Radical Feminists at the UN Right Now‏

Thousands of Radical Feminists at the UN This Week...
Clamoring for a Right to Abortion...
Help US Stop Them…


from Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

As you read this, we are in dire trouble and so is the unborn child. 

A few thousand radical feminists are jamming the UN Commission on the Status of Women clamoring for all manner of awful thing, including the right to kill their unborn babies.

They also want this “right” imposed on all the people of the world.

These radical feminists have friends in high places. They are supported by the Secretary General of the UN, all the major UN agencies including UNICEF and the World Health Organization, the European Union and the US government.

These radical feminists are heavily funded. They have millions of dollars behind them, hundreds of millions if you include such wicked groups as Planned Parenthood.

We are outmanned 100 to 1. We are outspent one billion to one. We are always on the precipice of losing everything and now is no different.

There is a dangerous document under negotiation and we have a very good chance of stopping it. As always, your loyal C-Fam and Friday Fax staff are there…fighting back…

Stefano Gennarini, our legal expert, is there. 
Lisa Correnti, our Executive Vice President, is there. 
Wendy Wright, editor of the Friday Fax, is there. 
Rebecca Oas, our research maven, is there.
We are very close to some very good and pro-life delegations and I am told by my team that things look good, but things can change in an instant. The US, the EU and the radical feminists never ever give us, not until the final moment of the final day.

The Commission on the Status of Women is now halfway done. The final day is this coming Friday, probably at midnight or beyond.

I promise you that C-Fam and the Friday Fax will do everything we can to stop the radical onslaught. As we always have.

For 20 years the radicals have wanted to use the UN to create a global right to abortion and they have lost because we and collaborators have stopped them.

They have wanted to redefine the family and they have lost because we stopped them.

Today we need your immediate help to stop them once again. I ask for your prayers. Right now. Please pray for us and our success when you read these lines.

And we need your assistance. Our opponents get hundreds of millions from governments and from rich foundations like Rockefeller, Gates, and all the rest. We rely on help from regular people just like you.

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