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Monday, June 5, 2017

Concentration Camp Survivor Urges Americans to Defend the Preborn: ‘Stand Up For the Innocent’

“I wish that the Christians had laid down their lives to save us. They were all pro-life; they were against what the government was doing. But they did nothing.”

By Carole Novielli
Live Action News

As a long time pro-life journalist and activist, I do not think I have ever been as moved speaking with an older pro-life activist as I was when I interviewed concentration camp survivor, Eva Edl, about her recent arrest during a pro-life rescue. 

At 82 years old, Eva was one of eleven Christians arrested on May 13, 2017, at the EMW abortion facility in Louisville, Kentucky, at a rescue organized by Operation Save America.

Eva once told an audience that her definition of courage is to “Do what you know you have to do no matter how much fear you experience.” Eva’s surname, Edl, means “noble” in German, but she jokingly says it’s really an acronym for “extremely determined lady.”

Eva considers a rescue — placing her body in front of an abortion facility — to be an act of obedience and worship to God.

She described the first time she participated in such an event. 
“The first time I realized there were abortion clinics in our country was in 1988. I said to my husband, ‘these are the death camps of America.’ I saw people sitting in front of abortion clinics in Atlanta and I’ve been involved ever since.”
Eva says that when she chose to sit in front of the Kentucky abortion facility, she knew the cost, but she believes that intervening on behalf of innocent children being led to their deaths is an act of mercy. 

“When the government decided to make it a Federal offense by passing the F.A.C.E. Act [Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances], most people didn’t dare to interpose and put their bodies in front of the door anymore,” Eva said. “I only rescued once in Philadelphia – but I knew that the time would come that we would have to risk it in order to give God the excuse to be merciful to our nation. I think it’s our last chance.”

Eva knows all too well what can happen when Christians are silent in the face of evil.

Eva is ethnic German, and at the age of nine, was one of many men, women, and children who were forcefully removed from their homes and taken to a communist concentration camp during the Hungarian occupation of Yugoslavia.

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