Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Former Planned Parenthood Workers Tell of Coercion and Lies in Abortion ‘Counseling’

“Do I have an abortion quota?” 
She asked. “Because that’s really what it feels like.”

By Sarah Terzo
Live Action News

Many former Planned Parenthood workers have come forward saying that, in their experience, Planned Parenthood does not give women who are considering abortion accurate information about abortion’s health risks or about their baby’s development. These former workers say they were required to try to sell as many abortions as possible without regard for the pregnant woman’s welfare (much less that of the preborn child’s).

Live Action recently released a video featuring former Planned Parenthood employees Sue Thayer and Marianne Anderson, who say that Planned Parenthood actually has abortion quotas. They were given incentives to push for an expected number of abortions over a given time frame. Some of these incentives were pizza parties, awards, and lunches out. The video below shows what happens when women call Planned Parenthood to ask about their options:

In The American Feminist, a third Planned Parenthood worker reveals that she was told to sell at least 40 abortions a day. She calls the “counseling” given by Planned Parenthood workers “emotional manipulation.”

The American Feminist article describes how the worker, Annette B, witnessed an interaction between the clinic director and a woman who was unsure about having an abortion:
On many occasions, [Annette] saw women expressing doubts [about abortion], but observed the staff response as uniformly encouraging…. Once, Annette observed the clinic director meeting with a client. To Annette, the woman was asking endless questions and seemed anything but certain about her decision. The patient kept repeating, “I’m really not sure.”
When Annette and the director left the interview room, the director told the staff that the patient was “just fine” and ready to proceed. Annette spoke up and said she didn’t see it that way. … Annette got such heat for speaking up she did not do it again.
She finally asked, in a staff meeting:
“Do I have an abortion quota?” She asked. “Because that’s really what it feels like.”
Live Action News continues

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