Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What Does Planned Parenthood Offer Pregnant Women? Little More Than Abortion

By Carole Novielli
Live Action News

A new video just released from Live Action reveals that many pregnant women who contact Planned Parenthood facilities about their pregnancy options — adoption, for instance — are told that the only service the government-funded organization can offer them is abortion. In part one of this two part series, Live Action News will reveal what Planned Parenthood tells women who seek adoption services from the organization.

Live Action investigators contacted various Planned Parenthood facilities, some of which receive tax dollars from the federal family planning program known as Title X. According to requirements under Title X, projects that are funded must offer pregnant women several options regarding their pregnancies, including prenatal care and adoption.

The facility’s website acknowledges that if a woman is pregnant, she has three options to consider: “abortion, adoption, and parenting.” The website also suggests that “your local Planned Parenthood health center” has resources on adoption and the site tells women they can “get help finding adoption agencies in [her] area” through local Planned Parenthood facilities.

The abortion giant also claims (under the “adoption” option) to have “specially trained staff that can give you accurate information about all your options and other resources.”

What you will hear in the video below is how Planned Parenthood fails to offer Live Action’s investigators any of this — no adoption counseling, no adoption referrals, no list of adoption agencies, and no chance to speak with any so-called “specially trained staff” about the adoption option, despite online statements to the contrary.
Instead, what you will hear is that the only service these staffers seem willing to offer (over the phone, at least) is abortion:

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