Monday, June 26, 2017

Kansas Crisis Pregnancy Center Draws Clients, Fury from Planned Parenthood Next Door

God keeps reminding me: One life at a time, one life at a time 

Advice & Aid serves women with free, life-saving help next door
to a Planned Parenthood that only provides abortions
By Jay Hobbs
National Right to Life

It’s been over a month since a Kansas City radio station buckled under pressure from Planned Parenthood and yanked a local pregnancy center’s paid ads from off the air.

The pregnancy center, Advice & Aid—which runs one location directly across a parking lot from Planned Parenthood in a Kansas City suburb—is still waiting for the radio station to pay back over $1,000 it spent up front before the station pulled the ads.

Scheduled to run over 300 times on weekends over a six-week period, the ad read:

Feeling scared? Depressed? Vulnerable? Is pregnancy making you feel that life is over? Advice and Aid Pregnancy Centers will help you regardless of your struggle. You have access to a 24-hour hotline, pregnancy tests, sonograms, peer counseling and STI testing, all free of charge. Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers is here to support you as you make your decision. Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers—serving families facing pregnancy before, during and after with compassion.
That was too much for Planned Parenthood Great Plains and its communications director, Bonyen Lee-Gilmore, who lashed out at the station, 96.5 The Buzz, on social media after hearing the first weekend’s round of ads.

Though staff at the radio station who had visited Advice & Aid prior to signing the contract tried to uphold their end of the deal despite pressure from Planned Parenthood, the station caved to the abortion chain’s wishes just one weekend into the six-week deal.

“The two people from the radio station who came here and met with us—they fought for us because they had seen what we do here,” Ruth Tisdale, Advice & Aid’s executive director, said.
“They asked questions and we answered them truthfully. I’m very thankful for them, and it’s sad that it ended this way, but I’m at least thankful those two people know the truth.”
The station’s decision to pull the ad came just a month before the same Planned Parenthood office intimidated the Kansas City Royals into canceling a formal partnership with Kansas City-based Vitae Foundation—which helps pregnancy centers reach women facing unexpected pregnancies.

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