Friday, June 9, 2017

Report on Stand Up for Life Rally in Harrisburg, PA

Pro-Lifers Fill Capitol Rotunda Building
at Stand Up for Life Rally

By Ted Meehan

Many of you were in Harrisburg to witness the magnificent Stand Up for Life Rally in the Rotunda. Thanks to each one who travelled from all corners of Pennsylvania to lobby their legislators to Ban Dismemberment Abortions, and Defund Planned Parenthood. Both of these can be done - right now! The bills need to be moved, but each bill has support by massive majorities. The key is to get them to RUN.

The Dismemberment Ban (SB 3) can be moved from Chairman Matt Baker's Health Committee. Once it has been approved (it has enough votes in the committee), then Majority Leader Dave Reed needs to place it on the docket for a vote by the full House.

* This is the most expeditious way to get this bill passed. SB 3 has already passed the full Senate by a margin of 32-18. A similar bill passed in the House last year by a margin of 132-65. This time, we can get both chambers to pass the bill, and get it to the Governor. 

The House also has a bill (HB 77) which would ban dismemberment abortions, but once it passes in the House, it would still need to go to the Senate, and through committee, and then get a vote by the full Senate. The Budget is now taking most of the attention of all legislators. and time is short to accomplish passage of this bill.

To pass Dismemberment, please contact:

Chairman Matt Baker 717-772-5371
Majority Leader Dave Reed 717-705-7173

Ask them to move SB 3 to the full House for a vote.

For Defunding Planned Parenthood, either of two bills need to be moved. In the Senate, the bill is SB 300, and in the House it is HB 300. For the House bill, the same two contacts are the ones to contactto ask for action on it. For the Senate version SB 300, your emails and phone calls should be addressed to:

Senator Pat Browne

Majority Leader Jake Corman

Acting now captures the momentum that has been generated by the Stand Up for Life rally.

Thank you!
Ted Meehan

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