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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Unique Pro-Life Bill Requires Abortionists to Disclose How Much Money They Make Killing Babies


“Every single transaction that we did was cash money. We wouldn’t take a check, 
or even a credit card. If you didn’t have the money, forget it." 
Nina Whitten, former abortion clinic worker

By Micaiah Bilger

An Alabama pro-life legislator is trying a unique new tactic to expose the profit-driven motives of the abortion industry.

Alabama state Rep. Kerry Rich, R-Guntersville, filed a bill on Feb. 11 that would require abortionists to tell their patients the amount of money they make doing abortions,according to the Alabama Media Group.

Women would receive information about the name of the abortion doctor, his or her gross income for the previous year, the percentage of that income that comes from doing abortions and a statement about the monetary loss to the abortion clinic if the woman chooses life for her baby rather than abortion, the report states.

The language is part of a broader informed consent bill that would require abortion clinics to give women detailed descriptions of their unborn babies, including their gestational age, heartbeat and ability to feel pain, according to the report.

“Some people have this idea that this is just a gob of mass and that’s all it is,” Rich said. “I personally have the belief that it’s a living human being, not a future living human being. If people have a better understanding, if they are educated about what they are doing, they might make a different choice.”

Abortion is a lucrative practice. Though abortion doctors often try to portray themselves as caring women’s rights advocates, many have become rich by killing unborn babies for a living.

The average salary for a top employee at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion practice, is $345,338, according to The Daily Signal. Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, makes $590,000 a year.

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