Saturday, February 20, 2016

Priceline Ad Mocks Adoption, Enrages Adoptive Parents

Tracie Loux with Emma and Aiden, both orphans with special needs, adopted from Eastern Europe.

By Susan Michelle

Priceline’s quiet Super Bowl commercial has stirred a hornet’s nest of fury from adoptive moms who see the ad as a despicable disservice to the gift of adoption, mocking the entire process.

The ad features a couple whose adoption file has been accepted, so they book their travel to Eastern Europe to get their child. As they return home empty handed, the couple expresses relief akin to narrowly avoiding tragedy and says “that would have been bad.” The ad ends with a grown man in a baby bed, drinking beer, calling for his mom to cuddle him. The exasperated mom sighs with irritation as her husband stops her from going to the grown man/baby. Priceline’s tagline says, “Baby’s on the line. Whatever’s on the line. Priceline.”

Apparently Priceline thinks it’s funny to mock international adoption and make light of parents rejecting a child for being too “bad” of a situation. On Priceline’s YouTube page, where the video has received over 250,000 views, Priceline’s caption reads: With every trip, something is on the line. High travel costs shouldn’t keep you from meeting the baby first, implying that it’s important to be able to meet your baby so you can reject him. And adoptive moms don’t find this funny.

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