Thursday, February 25, 2016

40 Days for Life Midway Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in Norristown, Pennsylvania

From Rita Smith, M.E.V. (Missionaries of the Gospel of Life)
Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life/Norristown

Lent is a time of Mercy and Grace. The "Year of Mercy" began on the Immaculate Conception feast day, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015 by Pope Francis and will end on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 which is "Christ the King" feast day.

During these holy Lenten weeks, we will enter into the Passion of Jesus Christ at the Modern Day Calvary!   Please join us in attending the upcoming midway prayer vigil of the 40 Days for Life in Norristown, Pennsylvania on Saturday, March 12th. 
"These little ones dying today are intricately connected with the sufferings and death of Our Savior. There is a bond here that must not be overlooked. All the political action, educating, donation of funds, demonstrations, alternative work, important and necessary as these are, do not make up for an absence at the death scene. Thus, let me beg you to view your presence at the killing center in our area as the place where God wants you to be. Let us go out to the Calvary not far from you, where Christ is being crucified today in your midst"...Joan Andrews 
God bless you, as we continue, our 40 Days for Life/Norristown Lenten Journey to SAVE LIVES!!!

Parking available on the side streets. Dress warm. All Are Welcome! 

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