Sunday, February 28, 2016

What Your Children Don't Know Can Hurt Them

By Laura Kizior
American Life League

We know that simply “being pro-life” is not enough to change the culture. Just studying the facts about how much abortion hurts women isn’t enough either. In order to build a culture of life in our society, students must be trained how to use their knowledge of pro-life topics to evangelize their peers.

We must take the responsibility of educating the next generation of pro-life leaders, for if we do not help them learn about the threats against human dignity, evils like abortion and euthanasia will only become more widespread. Understandably, parents want to protect their children from the lies and temptations of the culture of death, but letting your kids discover the culture of death on their own is not the solution. Book knowledge is not enough; a good pro-life education consists of learning the facts as well as putting ideas into practice through volunteering, standing up for others, prayer, and activism.

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