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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Left for Dead for 15 hours, Baby Awakes Minutes Before Scheduled Cremation

A little boy pronounced death Jinhua, east China, came back to life after 15 hours in a morgue.

By Dave Andrusko

Doctor Chen, head of pediatrics at Pan’an People’s Hospital in east China, said this week, “I have been a pediatrician for over 20 years. I’ve never seen anything like this.’”

I’m sure he hasn’t. How often is a one-month-old baby pronounced dead, kept in a morgue for 15 hours, only to awak minutes before being cremated?

The baby, who is called An An, is currently under intensive care at the Hospital, the People’s Daily Online reported. The little boy’s story is utterly amazing!

An An was born prematurely January 8, weighing 49 ounces, at a hospital in Jinhua. According to theDaily Mail
After spending 23 days in an incubator at the Pan’an People’s Hospital, his family decided to take him home for Chinese Near Year. There, his condition deteriorated.

The boy’s father named Mr Lu told reporters his son suddenly went pale two days afterwards, so he rushed his son to hospital for emergency treatment on February 4.

On the same day, the doctors determined the boy had a cardiac arrest and pronounced him dead at the hospital.

After the hospital issued a death certificate, his father wrapped the ‘dead’ baby in two layers of clothing and put him in a plastic bag before taking him to the morgue of the Pan’an Funeral Home at around 6pm on February 4.

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