Tuesday, February 9, 2016

UN Global Tax Will Fund Global Abortion

by Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

UN Radicals Want Your Money…
UN Radicals Want an Unchecked Revenue Stream…
This is a Profound Danger to the Unborn Child, the Family and to Democracy

A new report issued by a UN panel makes clear something I have worried about for years.

The panel is informing the World Humanitarian Summit meeting in Istanbul this May. The global tax was on their agenda. It was part of their secret negotiations! And though it was blocked there, I fully expect the Global Tax will come up at the Summit in May.

This is not the first time such an atrocity has been suggested. A 2011 UN Development Program report made an overt call for a Global UN Tax. In fact, the number two bureaucrats at the UN Development Program is on YouTube making the case for a Global UN Tax.

Such an abomination has been on the agenda of global radicals for decades. Why? Because they want their own money. They do not want to have to rely on voluntary contributions from governments. At least governments can put pressure on the UN to curb their radicalism. At least with government contributions, we as taxpayers can have a say.

But if the UN has its own independent revenue stream, their radicalism will be unchecked.

What is this tax proposal?

They propose taxing your airline tickets. They propose taxing you any time you change money for foreign travel. They propose to tax large banks when they make foreign financial transactions. Such a cost will undoubtedly be passed along to you, not to mention it will harm the already limping global economy.

What will they do with billions in taxes raised on you?

Continue with impunity to advance a global right to abortion, something the Secretary General wants to impose even on Christian countries where abortion is against the law!

I have to tell you that no one is watching this except for C-Fam and the Friday Fax. No one is proposing to do anything about this except C-Fam and the Friday Fax. We were the first to spot this.

Will you join us in blocking this truly frightening Global Tax to kill unborn children?

This will be a fight that will last months and even years. We are prepared to thrown all our resources into this fight.

How will we fight back?
  • First, we are launching a global petition that will be delivered to the press, UN diplomats, Congressmen in this country and around the world, and even UN bureaucrats. We will let them know that hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are appalled at this idea. 
  • Second, I am sending two C-Fam staffers to the World Humanitarian Summit. They will monitor the situation and plead our case to the diplomats who attend. We are told the UN is already blocking most groups from attending. Don’t worry. We’ll go anyway. 
  • Third, we intend to send millions of emails in four languages all over the world warning regular people about this emergency. 

This will be very expensive and I come to you once more for help.
  • First please pray for us, every day if you can. 
  • Second, when you get the petition from us in the coming weeks, please sign and send to all your friends and family.
  • Third, please go to our website by clicking on the image below and contribute to this truly frightening fight.                           

If the UN gets an independent revenue stream, unborn babies will die, the family will come under even greater pressure, and the homosexual agenda will be imposed even on Christian countries.

Don’t wait, please click on the button above and give as much as you can.  Please go there now and help us stop this atrocity.

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