Friday, February 19, 2016

You Can Help BREAK the Weak Link in the Abortion Chain!

from Eric Scheidler, Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

Among the hundreds of hours of undercover footage that David Daleidan and his team released last summer, there was one bit of footage that didn't get the publicity it deserved.

At a National Abortion Federation conference in 2013, abortion provider Renee Chelian was caught on tape discussing the problem of disposing of aborted babies' bodies.

Chelian told the story of how her abortion facility was thrown into disarray when she lost her contract with a medical waste company.

She tried everything to dispose of the remains of the babies she was killing, including duping a pet crematory to burn them up. At one point she had 5 months worth of fetal remains in rented freezers!

Her take away?

"We are all one incinerator away, or one incinerator company away from being closed."

In light of this shocking revelation, our friends at Created Equal have started a new campaign, #ProjectWeakLink, to exploit this key weakness in the abortion industry.

The first target of this campaign is Stericycle, Planned Parenthood's main medical waste service provider in America.

If Stericycle were to cut all ties to the abortion industry, Planned Parenthood would be unable to dispose of the babies they kill. Their abortion operations would screech to a halt.

Here's how you can help:
Contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto and tell them to stop disposing of medical waste for Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion chain. 
You can reach Alutto at 847-607-2004 or
And then sign the petition to stop Stericycle from collaborating in the deaths of millions of babies by abortion by clicking on the button below:


This is an amazing opportunity to hit the abortion industry where it hurts. Please take the time to make the call, write the email and sign the petition today.

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