Thursday, February 25, 2016

Abortion Emergencies: Bedlam in Bakersfield PLUS Two More

from the Staff of Operation Rescue: 
There has been a recent spate of medical emergencies at abortion facilities around the nation. Below are links to three reports -- some with must-see videos -- that are just the tip of the iceberg! Watch for more from Operation Rescue as we complete our investigations to many more.

Please pray for the women who are being rushed to emergency rooms from abortion facilities, perhaps even as you read this!
No matter what the Abortion Cartel says, abortion is not safe for women and these incidents are cases in point.
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Bedlam Breaks Out in Bakersfield Abortion Clinic as Ambulance Arrives for Patient

Bakersfield, CA - Bedlam broke out at the FPA Women's Health abortion facility in Bakersfield as an ambulance arrived to transport a patient suffering a medical emergency. During the incident two abortion supporters assaulted pro-life activists trying to document the incident, which took place on February 23, 2016.

Continue reading to find out what happened and view the amazing video!

911 Emergency: Annapolis Planned Parenthood Patient Transported to Hospital

Annapolis, Maryland - Operation Rescue has received a heavily redacted emergency communications document through a public record request that confirms a patient of the Annapolis Health Center Planned Parenthood abortion facility was transported to a hospital for emergency treatment on Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Continue reading to learn more!

Updated with New Video of Ambulance! Massachusetts Abortionist Experiments on Fresh Brains of Down Syndrome Babies

Boston, MA - An ambulance transported a patient from the Women's Health Services abortion clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts, to a local hospital for emergency treatment on August 21, 2015.

While this is one many such incidents at abortion clinics documented by Operation Rescue, it is a particularly disturbing one because of the clinic's connections with aborted human fetal tissue experimentation done on the brains of Down syndrome and healthy babies obtained without consent of the mothers.

Read on and watch the new video of the medical emergency with actual 911 recording!

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