Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Girl Scout Action Request and Other Updates from Pro-Life Waco

  1. Action Request: Vote in poll to support Bishops decision to break with Girl Scouts
  2. Carolyn Knowles—Waco’s pro-life inspiration—is in hospital
  3. I-35 Overpass Outreach is Sat. Feb. 27, 9-11 am.
  4. Bank of America Protest in Waco Saturday, Feb. 27, 11-1 p.m.
  5. Showing March 31 of selected CMP videos in Waco Public Library

from John Pisciotta (The Protest Retireee)
Director of Pro-Life Waco

1. Action Request: Vote in poll to support Bishop’s decision to break with Girl Scouts

Urgent action request regarding Girl Scouts and Archdiocese of St. Louis. Archbishop Carlson of St. Louis has gone 95% of the way to breaking off parish sponsoring Girl Scout troops. The reason is that Girl Scout national leadership, GS curriculum, and GS organizational partnerships are so aligned with the secular progressive perspective, accommodating to abortion and much more. I’ve been involved in this matter for over a decade and know the Archbishop is correct. A survey on the archbishop's decision is now open on a St. Louis TV station website. The vote is very close. We are losing 52% to 48% as I write. I urge you to follow this link to the survey and vote in support of Archbishop Carlson. Also, please forward and share this with your friends.

2. Carolyn Knowles - Waco’s pro-life inspiration—is in hospital

Our dear Carolyn Knowles was hospitalized on Fridaymorning. I am told that she was just generally feeling bad and week. There’s no diagnosis at this point. She is doing better. Please pray fervently for Carolyn. As some of you remember, Carolyn attended PLW’s Second Sunday luncheon/meeting on Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Holly Lykins for taking her. I think it meant a lot to Carolyn and to the rest of us to have her with us for Second Sunday. Carolyn is at Providence Hospital in room 485. We call Carolyn the grandmother of the pro-life movement in Waco. I don’t think she would mind me revealing that she is 91 years young. Our pro-life billboard truck is named Carolyn to honor her for all the work and inspiration she is provided to the pro-life movement in Waco. Please pray for Carolyn.

3. I-35 Overpass Outreach is Saturday Feb. 27, 9-11 am

What event reaches many thousands of people in just two hours? Yes, it’s an I-35 Pedestrian Overpass Outreach. The day is Saturday, February 27. We will do it 9-11 a.m. to avoid the wind and provide the opportunity to immediately transition to Protest Bank of America. Organize your family, friends, and church group to join this fulfilling event. In “public square” outreach the message also goes out to lukewarm pro-lifers and those now strongly opposed to us. With the short messages of an overpass outreach, no one can look away. All the signs we use are G-Rated.

4. Bank of America Protest in Waco Saturday Feb. 27, 11-1 p.m.

You will have the opportunity to participate in two powerful pro-life event on Saturday the 27th. The location is 1100 N. Valley Mills Drive. Time is 11 to 1 p.m. We do have a shot at getting BOA to change it donation policy AND there are so many other positives happening along the way with Protest BOA. There is no problem parking in the Kentucky Fried Chicken lot directly across the street from Bank of America. I hope to see you and your family there. We are sending “stand down” messages to many businesses that it would be a very bad idea for them to ever take an initiative to be involved with Planned Parenthood.

  • Watch a YouTube video of the sights and scenes of Protest Bank of America in Waco last Saturday below or view it on YouTube using this link. 

5. Showing March 31 of selected CMP videos in Waco Public Library 
Following Action Item #5 you will see some photos of the last Protest Bank of America.
Public showing of Center for Medical Progress videos in Waco at public library on the evening of Thursday, March 31. I reserved the West Waco Public Library for a public showing of selected videos. I don’t know of any other pro-life group in the country holding a public video showing. Pro-Life Waco will try to do the job that the mainstream media refuses. This will be open to the public—even pro-abortions. Pro-lifers and abortion supporters can come out to see and discuss the videos. More details later.

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