Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Stunning Pro-Life Documentary


By: John Stonestreet

A couple of years ago on BreakPoint, I told you about a South Korean pastor who rescues abandoned babies. Well in March, you can see his amazing story in theaters across the country.

In Seoul, the capital of South Korea, hundreds of infants are abandoned on the streets every year. The problem became so severe that one Korean pastor decided to take unprecedented action.

It’s a story that’s now the subject of an award-winning documentary by film maker Brian Ivie, which will be shown in theaters nationwide March 3-5. Please mark it on your calendar, March 3-5, because you and your church are going to want to see it.

Stirred several years ago by a report in the Los Angeles Times about Pastor Lee Jong-rak’s unique solution to infant abandonment, Ivie—then a film student at the University of Southern California—raised enough money to lead a team to Seoul to capture this tiny but inspirational ministry.

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