Monday, February 2, 2015

Action Alert: Contact the Pennsylvania Senate Rules Commitee

Stop the Nominations of Pedro Cortes and Rachel Levine 

Governor Tom Wolf has been in office for less than a month and already two of his nominees are a cause of great concern for Pennsylvania.

Pedro Cortes, was Secretary of State under Ed Rendell. In this position he failed to take any action during Kermit Gosnell’s reign of terror allowing his "house of horrors" to continue to operate unchecked. .  (Here is a link to the 281 page grand jury report in the Kermit Gosnell case.)

Even after many reports were filed against Gosnell and several deaths had occurred, he never had an investigator knock on Gosnell’s door.

 The pages referenced below are in this document and show how the Department of State headed by Cortes in the Rendell administration aided in allowing Gosnell to remain in business unhindered. 
  • Page 173 – opening paragraph relating to the function of the Department of State
  • Pages 174 to 176 – relate specific instances where the Department failed to act
Governor Wolf has nominated him to re-assume his post.

Rachel Levine, a radical transgendered homosexual activist has been nominated to serve as Physician General of Pennsylvania.

In this position Dr. Levine, who specializes in adolescent medicine, would oversee Pennsylvania’s Medical establishment.  (more information about Dr. Levine is in Ted Meehan's letter below)

Both of these positions, if filled by these nominees, would be devastating to our state, and the pro-life community should be greatly troubled.

We are asking that you contact members of the Senate Rules Committee using this link and ask them to stop these nominations.
  •  Pedro Cortes because of his inaction in putting Kermit Gosnell out of business when he had the chance and; 
  •  Rachel Levine who because of her homosexual activism is a poor choice for Physician General.  
Below is a letter that was sent to committee members by Ted Meehan of the Pro-Life Union of Delaware County.   You can use this letter as a guide to send your own message.

Dear Senator _____,
I am writing to seek your assistance in stopping two troubling nominations recently made by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. Pedro Cortes is nominated to become Secretary of State, and Rachel Levine is nominated to become Physician General.
Pedro Cortes - had been Secretary of State during the Rendell Administration, and actively turned a blind eye to the atrocities that occurred at the abortion center operated by Kermit Gosnell. These atrocities included multiple deaths of mothers, and the murders of at least three full term babies who had survived the abortions. (Many more were claimed.)
The misfeasance of Cortes' State Department is cited repeatedly throughout the Gosnell Grand Jury Report - with 26 pages of the report dedicated exclusively to the repeated failure to inspect this "house of horrors" despite multiple reports from former staffers, and deaths of young women. During the 8 years Cortes held the office of Secretary of State, not a single investigator so much as knocked on the door of the Gosnell hell hole.
It would be the most irresponsible act by the Senate to confirm such a proven incompetent, who has an 8 year record of actively failing to protect Pennsylvania women. If anything, Mr. Cortes should judge himself to be fortunate to have avoided prosecution for as long as he has.
Rachel Levine - is a radical transgendered homosexual activist, who is a state board member for a pro-homosexual advocacy group called Equality. His entire life has been spent promoting a homosexual agenda. Levine's resume is focused on "counseling" LGBT students and faculty members at the Milton Hershey School, and being a board member of Equality. He reports having endured psychological torture for his first 55 years of life, due to his belief that he should have been born female. Subsequently, he agreed to be surgically mutilated, and to consume mega doses of female hormones so he could become a woman, which he now considers himself to be.
Pennsylvania's Medical establishment has nothing in common with the radical agenda of Dr. Levine. His agenda is not at all consistent with the values of Pennsylvanians, and it would be an affront to both the people of Pennsylvania and its medical professionals to have this "psychologically tortured" transgendered person promoting his sick agenda at taxpayer expense.
I urge you to defeat both of these inflammatory and confrontational nominations.


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