Sunday, February 8, 2015

‘Little Miracle’ Baby Survives Abortion at 26 Weeks

From Live Action News

A baby boy who survived a botched late-term abortion procedure is now being dubbed a “little miracle” by the judge who handed him over to the custody of his father’s family. Baby “A” was born on August, 2013, at 26 weeks following an abortion attempt after the mother suffered seizures.

The Telegraph reports that doctors gave the woman, who came to the United Kingdom from Bosnia, abortion-inducing drugs; however, baby A survived and spent the next five months in the hospital before being discharged in December of 2013. He was placed into foster care after concerns that his mother was unable or perhaps unwilling to raise him. Baby A’s mother married a British man after she immigrated from Bosnia, but she later divorced the man and met the child’s father through a dating website.

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