Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Take ACTION to Stop GM Human Embryos

Josh Craddock
CitizenGO team

Time is short.

Whether or not you live in Britain, you may have heard about a new procedure which, if approved by both Houses of Parliament, would result in the creation of "3-Person embryos.”

The House of Commons just approved this alarming technique of human genetic modification two weeks ago. And now, the only thing that can stop it is the House of Lords.

By signing this petition, you will write to those who sit in the House of Lords, to ask that they reject this worrying legislation.

Say 'No' to genetic modification of children by signing this petition here.

On Tuesday, 24th February, the House of Lords will vote on amending a 2008 law. The change would allow for a procedure which combines the DNA of two women and one man.

This procedure, called DNA transfer, has been likened to procedures used to clone Dolly the sheep, and has caused alarm in ethical and scientific circles.

By combining the DNA of three people into one embryo, the Peers would be allowing for the creation of a new type of human being.

Put simply, this new legislation is like playing God.

Parliament has clearly lost sight of the fact that the unintended consequences – both for the individual and for society – could be very serious.

Quite apart from the obvious ethical problems with this procedure, serious concern also exists about the lack of peer-reviewed safety checks.

Indeed, this procedure is now banned in the United States!

For these reasons, we are supporting several UK organizations to insist that the genetic modification of human beings be rejected!

If you live in the US, Australasia or Europe, you might think that this doesn't apply to you because you aren't living in the UK.

But, as we all know, these scientific and ethical "novelties” tend to travel from one Continent to the next – and, very often, with great speed.

Moreover, the human embryo is one of us – irrespective of country or race – from the moment of conception, and is worthy of absolute respect.

Therefore, we need to encourage the House of Lords to reject this demeaning legislation.

By stopping this legislation in the UK, we have much better chances of stopping its spread throughout the world.

Thank you for standing against the arrogant and dangerous genetic modification of human beings, and thank you for standing for life, family and freedom.

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