Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Canadian Child Murderer Robert Latimer Supports Legalized Euthanasia

Cassy Fiano
Live Action News

Who would benefit most from the legalization of euthanasia? Without question, it’s people like Robert Latimer. Latimer, a Canadian from Saskatchewan, murdered his daughter because she had cerebral palsy. He was given an extremely light sentence, and many Canadians supported his decision to kill his daughter. And with the Canadian Supreme Court decision to overrule the ban on physician-assisted suicide, it’s really no surprise to find out that Latimer has come out in support of their ruling.

A Saskatchewan father who chose to end his severely disabled daughter’s life is pleased with the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to strike down the ban on doctor assisted death.
Robert Latimer went to prison in 1997 and sparked a national debate on euthanasia and the rights of the disabled for mercy killing his 12-year-old daughter Tracy.
He said the ruling surprised him but he thinks it gives hope to those in pain. 
“It’s a recognition of the need for the stopping of people’s suffering,” he said. 
… “All these disabled groups, it’s pretty unfortunate and their circumstances are certainly terrible, but for them to feel threatened by us not cutting a feeding tube into our daughter.. that’s so hurtful to them that that didn’t happen, that’s issues they’re going to have to sort out amongst themselves,” he said.

Latimer murdered his daughter because she was disabled, and yet he can’t understand why disability rights groups are horrified at the thought of legalizing euthanasia? Well, it should be pretty clear: it’s because of people like him.

Cassy Fiano is a blogger who lives with her husband, a United States Marine. They have a toddler named Ben, a second son named Wyatt, who has Down syndrome, and a little girl named Ivy.

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