Thursday, February 19, 2015

From The Old Country Preacher...Tomorrow Never Came

But Tomorrow Never Came
By Arvil Jones 

Billy and Suzan grew up together, they were neighbors and close friends,
They walked to school together every day;
They liked each other quite a lot, their friendship just kept growing,
And life was simple, full of fun and play;

Then suddenly they were ten years old, their braces were now gone,
And life was just a game of childhood bliss;
Suzan ran ahead of Billy, giggling as she ran,
Billy caught her, and gave her her first kiss;

They grew up quickly, all too quickly, oh how the years did fly,
And before they knew it they were in their teens;
Billy got a motorcycle, and a black leather vest,
And Suzan wore her tight fitting jeans;

Both their parents had careers, at which they spent long hours,
It seemed that money mattered most of all;
Billy and Suzan went to college, where soon they both discovered,
Illicit sex, with drugs and alcohol;

Neither they nor their parents had time for church, yet they claimed to believe in God,
Or at least in some Supreme Being up above;
They learned a lot about evolution, chemistry and quantum theory,
But they never learned about Jesus and His love;

There were a few Christians on the college campus who witnessed to Billy and Suzan,
And told them that Jesus loved them very much;
But Billy and Suzan wouldn’t listen, they only longed for each other,
Just wanting to feel each other’s tender touch;

And so they partied and drank a lot, and sneaked into each other’s room,
And life was Oh so wonderful and wild;
High on alcohol and drugs, throwing caution to the wind,
Then Suzan discovered she was pregnant with Billy’s child;

“What are we going to do Billy?” “I’m only nineteen and pregnant!”
‘Well you’ll just have to get rid of it I guess!” 
“Oh God Billy, I don’t know if I should, do you mean an abortion?”
“I never thought our lives would be such a mess.”

“Now listen babe, I know this doctor who can take care of this today,
And no one else will ever have to know;”
“But Billy, I’m already three months, and the baby has a heartbeat,
And as you can see I am beginning to show!”

“Well I ain’t ready to be no Daddy, so babe you’re on your own,
I’ve got bigger and better fish to fry;”
He could tell her heart was broken, but Billy couldn’t care less,
He walked away as Suzan began to cry;

She could no longer concentrate upon her college studies,
On Wednesday morning she decided she would quit;
All she made was failing grades, her classmates just kept staring,
Noticing Suzan’s clothes no longer fit;

Then one day Amanda, a Christian girl, met Suzan on the street,
And gave her a big hug and a beaming smile;
“How are you doing, Amanda asked, are you still dating Billy?”
Suzan blushed, saying, “Can we talk a while?”

“I’m pregnant Amanda, with Billy’s baby, I’m three months along,
Oh God Amanda, I don’t know what to do;”
“Well honey, you just sit right here and let me be your friend,
Whatever you’ve done, Jesus still loves you;”

“Billy wants me to have an abortion, he says it’s the only option,
He says if I don’t he will never marry me;”
“But Suzan, that would be cold-blooded murder, and that baby deserves to live,
He’s just covering his own butt, can’t you see?”

Suzan, you and Billy need Jesus, He is your only Hope, if only you will call upon His name,”
“I know you’re right Amanda, and I will do it tomorrow,”
Tomorrow in church” – But tomorrow never came.

Billy pulled up on his motorcycle, smiling his sexy smile,
“Hey gorgeous, would you like to go for a ride?”
She quickly dismissed her friend Amanda, and the cycle sped away,
The evening News said – “Today three more have died.”

Two young college students – a boy and his pregnant girlfriend,
Speeding along with whiskey on their breath;
Billy ignored the speed limit signs, losing control of the cycle,
As a boy, a girl, and a baby met their death.

This poem is posted with permission of the author, Arvil Jones.

© 2015 Arvil Jones

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