Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Assisted Suicide Bill Re-introduced in Pennsylvania

Maria V. Gallagher
Pennsylvania Coalition to Stop Doctor-Prescribed Suicide

An assisted suicide bill has been re-introduced in the PA House and referred to the House Judiciary Committee. You will find House Bill 943 by following this link.

Please call and email the pro-life members of the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to oppose House Bill 943. Here is their contact information:

Judiciary Chair Ron Marsico-- (717) 783-2014 rmarsico@pahousegop.com;
Democratic Chair Joseph Petrarca--(717) 787-5142 jpetrarc@pahouse.net;
Rep. Glen Grell--(717) 783-2063 Ggrell@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Tim Krieger--(717) 260-6146 tkrieger@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Mike Vereb--(717) 705-7164 mvereb@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Jim Cox-- (717) 772-2435 jcox@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Garth Everet-- (717) 787-5270 geverett@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Joseph Hackett-- (717) 260-6168 jhackett@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Barry Jozwiak-- (717) 772-9940 bjozwiak@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Mark Keller-- (717) 783-1593 mkeller@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Tedd Nesbit-- (717) 783-6438 TNesbit@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Mike Regan-- (717) 783-8783 mregan@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Rick Saccone-- (717) 260-6122 Rsaccone@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Marcy Toepel-- (717) 787-9501 mtoepel@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Tarah Toohil--(717) 260-6136 ttoohil@pahousegop.com;
Rep. Bryan Barbin--(717) 783-1491 bbarbin@pahouse.net;
Rep. Ryan Bizzarro-- (717) 772-2297 rbizzarro@pahouse.net;
Rep. Gerald Mullery-- (717) 783-4893 gmullery@pahouse.net

Thank you for making these important calls and sending these critical emails!

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