Saturday, April 11, 2015

The US Government is Protecting Wildlife from Cruelty

Protecting children? Well, that’s another story…

by Adam Peters 
Live Action News

Have you ever looked at your fingernail clippings and wondered if they could somehow cure cancer, HIV, or malaria? If so, then I’ve got some important news for you: Stop wondering. They can’t.

Human fingernails are made of a protein called keratin; rhino horns are comprised of it too. There’s no scientific evidence to show that rhino horn is any kind of a wonder drug, but many believe otherwise. The substance is valued in parts of Asia for its supposed medicinal properties, and that’s motivating poachers to pursue the animal. Their methods can be gruesome.

To avoid the attention created by a gunshot, some poachers are using tranquilizer darts instead. The rhino is immobilized long enough for its horn to be hacked off but remains alive. Later, it awakens to a horrifically disfigured face and an agonizing death. HBO’s VICE has documented the practice, and you can see video footage of it here.

While most would agree that torturous violence is inhuman, not all of its victims are. In America, human beings are regularly stabbed and dismembered at abortion clinics, while others are snuffed out shortly after birth. And although the federal government is working to halt the slaughter of rhinos in Africa, it isn’t as concerned about torture killings here. In fact, it’s helping to pay for some of them.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, over ten thousand abortions are performed every year following the twenty first week of pregnancy. By that point, a preborn child has developed eyes, limbs, and, according to some evidence, the ability to feel pain.

Research conducted by Dr. Kawaljeet Anand suggests that a fetus can suffer pain twenty weeks into a pregnancy. The contention is debated, but University of Utah neurobiologist Maureen Condic believes that “there is sufficient uncertainty to warrant giving the fetus the benefit of the doubt.”

The abortion industry doesn’t do that. Second trimester abortions usually involve a technique known as D&E (Dilation and Evacuation), which consists of using forceps to dismember the child the child and pull her out one piece at a time.

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