Sunday, April 12, 2015

Parent Searches for a Morally Acceptable Vaccine

FDA Won’t Help

by Faith Kuzma
Live Action News

Strongly pro-vaccine parents who nonetheless seek an alternative to vaccines created from aborted fetal cell lines have few, if any options. These are parents who agree with the necessity of vaccination generally, but regard the use of fetal cell lines in vaccine production as morally problematic.

Although it may surprise the general public, pharmaceutical companies have used aborted babies to develop a variety of vaccines. The use of human cell lines in vaccines without the knowledge or consent of those providing them – or equally those receiving the fetal cell line vaccines – is hugely unethical, a lesson learned long ago from the case of Henrietta Lack, whose cells were taken and used without permission or remuneration. The current unethical pharmaceutical practice of vaccinating without informed consent is especially objectionable for those in the pro-life community— for many, this is the moral equivalent of murdering a person to harvest their organs.

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Dr. Kuzma earned a Ph.D. in twentieth century literature from Ohio University, taught Composition and Literature and is now retired. In the past, she served as a trainer for Sidewalk Counselors. With the goal of bringing the truth about abortion to the public, she currently heads the Facts First Ministry through the Apostolate of Divine Mercy, located in South Bend.

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