Thursday, April 23, 2015

Save the Dates - Restoration America 2015 Coming to Philadelphia

From Gary Leiber
Ten Good Men

Save the dates Friday-Sunday July 3-4-5, 2015 and join us in Philadelphia all 3 days if possible, but at least for the main event which will be a Solemn Assembly on Sunday July 5th, on Independence Mall across from Independence Hall, 12 Noon to 3:00 pm.

Here's a video with David Long explaining the vision of this event called "Restoration America 2015." It's worth the time to view the whole 18-minute video, and prayerfully consider your part. Share the video below with your pastor or other leaders. Contact Gary at for more information.


America is in a crisis. For over 40 years we have legalized the killing of unwanted children. And now, over 50 million deaths later, we don't seem to be losing much sleep over it.
Abortion in America alone has been responsible for more deaths then the genocidal mass killings of Hitler and Stalin combined - Something needs to be done about this.

Fortunately there has been action taken to stop this outrage. Prayer in front of abortion facilities has shut down mills all over the country and changed the minds of many who were seeking abortion. But there are still scores of abortions that continue day by day with no one to stand in the gap between life and death.

We need to do more. We will never see a change in this nation until the church not only takes collective action, but more importantly we repent of our apathy, epitomized in allowing our neighbors to murder their children.

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