Monday, June 22, 2015

Abortion Promoter Grimes Brazenly Dishonest about Abortion/pre-term Birth Link

Abortionist David A. Grimes 

By Kathy Ostrowski, Legislative Director
Kansans for Life

Graves is brazenly dishonest.The too-high rate of pre-term births and low birth weight babies continues to plague state health agencies. But veteran pro-abortion apologist Dr. David Grimes assures readers in his recent Huffington post entry that any connection of premature births to abortion is merely an invention of “naive” pro-life enthusiasts.

The research into the effects of induced abortion upon future pre-term births began in 1960 and now there are 147 statistically significant studies showing the connection. Many if not most women contemplating abortion wish to do get pregnant in the future. Is it not the essence of “informed consent” to make them aware of the possible consequences of that abortion for a subsequent pregnancy?

In July 2006, The Institutes of Medicine, which publishes several reports each year, issued a report “Pre-term Birth, Its Causes, Consequences and Prevention.” The IOM cited abortion as an “immutable” factor for pre-term birth.

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