Friday, June 26, 2015

Don't put Margaret Sanger on the $20 bill (Your letters)


Note: Came across this on Pinterest. Thanks to the Lake County Right to Life, who found it on, for posting! Letter is from this past March, but since this is still a current issue, thought it was worth re-posting here.  ( You can use the link for $20 bill below to vote for your choice). 
To the Editor:

Before you laud the campaign for Margaret Sanger, the patron saint of birth control, to be featured on the $20 bill, perhaps it would be a good idea to actually read what her purpose was - and whose babies she urged be murdered.

Ms. Sanger, who was praised highly by Adolf Hitler, thought the world would be a better place if the "trash people" were strongly curtailed. By these, she meant, and said plainly, blacks, Irish and Jews. I don't believe she mentioned Muslims or gays, so perhaps she would fit your parameters, though.

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