Thursday, June 4, 2015

Women's Clinic in Selma, AL, is an 'Abortion Mill' Committing Genocide of Black Babies, Investigators Claim

From Natural News

The Central Alabama Women's Clinic, a privately owned clinic, has been exposed by pro-life undercover agents as an abortion mill. In question is how this clinic is avoiding government supervision and scrutiny that limits private clinics from performing more than nine abortions per month.

The Central Alabama Women's Clinic in Selma, Alabama, is not a state-licensed abortion clinic, so state law requires that it can provide no more than nine abortions a month. But pro-life undercover agents had made over nine appointments in one month, causing them to urge the Alabama Department of Public Health to investigate.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, and staff member Cheryl Sullenger claimed they have recordings of phone calls which indicate that Dr. Samuel Lett's clinic provides abortions beyond those allowed by Alabama statutes for private clinics or doctors' offices.

Sullenger and other staffers were told that prices for abortions under 12 weeks would cost $550, but "after 12 weeks it goes up." This is further proof of their illegal operation, according to Newman: "A doctor's office doesn't just have pricing sitting there. This is a wholesale abortion clinic."

Sullenger explained a private clinic's motive for not registering as a licensed abortion clinic: "If something like this is illegally operating as an abortion clinic, there is no oversight. There is no accountability." She added that illegal abortion clinics "put women in danger."

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