Sunday, June 28, 2015

Is There a Way Reduce Divorce & Cancer Risk?‏

by Brian Beal
One More Soul

My three sisters and a good friend have decided to lower their cancer risk and strengthen their marriages by not ingesting birth control pills. They learned that the pill (estrogen-progesterone oral contraceptives) is a Group 1 cancer-causing agent, categorized to the World Health Organization. Those on the pill, have an increased probability of divorce, blood clots, strokes, HIV-1 transmission, heart disease, irritability, weight gain, depression, and reduced libido.

The US National Library of Medicine reported that using birth control increases breast cancer and cervical cancer risks, which can be passed from mother to children in utero.

There are currently 1,100 lawsuits pending against Bayer Healthcare Corporation allegedly caused by their popular birth control pills.

Until 1930 every Christian Church taught that contraception was wrong. Shortly after the pill was introduced, divorce rates doubled in 10 years (1965: 25% to 1975: 50%). In 1960, 22% of black babies were born out of wedlock, now it’s 68%. Since the advent of the pill & pornography industries, sexual abuse incidences against women have drastically increased. The pill has led to more adultery. In addition, millions of young people have been misguided to engage in recreational sex. There are now more than 30 sexually transmitted diseases. Some of these diseases are even contracted by skin to skin contact. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop stated, “When you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with for the last ten years, and everyone they and their partners have had sex with for the last ten years.”

Natural Family Planning is the safest, and most effective way for couples to control their fertility. Studies have shown that the divorce rates among NFP couples is less than 3%, compared to the national average above 50%. Unlike birth control, NFP is free, involves no chemicals, and reduces the risk of cancer and failing marriages. My love ones and many others, can testify to the remarkable benefits of NFP.

For more information on switching to NFP, please use this link.  

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