Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Abortion is Really Declining


By John Stonestreet

Since the Supreme Court invented a constitutional right in 1973 to kill babies in the womb, over 57 million precious lives have been extinguished. No judge will hear their cases, and very few will mourn these nameless, faceless victims of convenience.

But if there's any consolation, it's that abortion itself is slowly dying. Yes, you heard that correctly. For a variety of reasons, this barbaric procedure is falling out of favor with Americans, and the industry that provides it has been losing steam for decades.

A report just out from the Associated Press shows the U.S. abortion rate at an historic low. Down from an all-time high of almost 1.5 million in 1990, the number of pregnancies terminated has dwindled nearly each year since. And right now, that downward trend appears to be accelerating. Seventy abortion clinics have closed nationwide since 2010—most in states that passed new restrictions. And although federal numbers past 2011 aren't yet available, the AP's state-by-state analysis shows that in just the last five years, the U.S. abortion rate has fallen by 12 percent.

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