Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Can Organ Transplantation Respect Life Until its Natural End?

From Life Guardian Foundation 

For over forty years there has been a deadly code of silence pertaining to "brain death." Behind closed doors a controversy raged. Many of those in the medical field opposed this reinvention of death. The controversy continues...

"Brain death" was invented for the sole purpose of organ transplantation, living human medical experimentation and a means in which measures to sustain life could be legally withdrawn. It was the first legal form of euthanasia in the US. This deadly code of silence has been broken.

It is time to inform the Public of the Truth.... please watch the video below and share with your family and friends.


Life Guardian Foundation is an organization founded and dedicated to educate the public that life of the human person is a gift. Respect is owed to every human person regardless of their state of health throughout their entire lifespan from conception until his or her natural end.
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