Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 22nd - "Day of Infamy"

by Bernard J. Byrne

January 22, 2016 will mark the 43rd anniversary of the infamous, widely held-unconstitutional decision of "Roe vs. Wade" that was handed down by 7 Supreme Court Justices. That's right, 7 persons, in a country of over 300 million made a decision that has led to the deaths of almost 60 million would be citizens.

These were lives that held untold possibilities. Perhaps, some of those boys and girls would have grown up to be great scientists, who may have discovered cures for cancer or other horrific diseases. We know they all would have been tax-paying citizens, contributing to make our social security and medi-care systems, solvent.

Instead their lives have been snuffed out, in order to feed a sick culture of death that has been allowed to permeate our society, by politicians who believe they must cow-tow to the irrationals in the feminist movement and the ultra-progressives, in order to stay in office.

Most of these same politicians will tell you that they are personally pro-life, but that they have to vote Pro-Abortion, in order to placate, their constituency. Do we really want people to represent us in public office who we know are going to leave their principles at the door? It's no wonder government has become so dysfunctional.

Bernard J. Byrne is a pro-life advocate who lives with his wife, Barbara, in Central Bucks County.

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