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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sherri Shepherd Appeals Judge’s Ruling Making Her Pay Child Support for “Unwanted” Surrogate Baby


By Steven Ertelt  

In 2014, former “The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd came under fire after reports surfaced showing she wanted “nothing to do” with her unborn child now that her marriage is ending. Shepherd and husband, Lamar Sally used IVF to conceive a child but is apparently uninterested in caring for the baby, who is being carried by a surrogate mother.

As LifeNews previously reported, Sally said in an interview that Shepherd has removed the newborn baby boy she had via surrogate from her health insurance. Shepherd tried to force the surrogate mother to pay child support.

A judge eventually ruled Shepherd is financially responsible for her child. But, now, she is appealing the decision.

Sherri Shepherd is appealing a judge’s ruling that her name be listed on the birth certificate of her surrogate son and that she pay her ex child support.

The View host and her lawyers had been arguing that she should not have to pay child support for the son she and her ex-husband Lamar Sally agreed to have while they were married, who they named, Lamar Jr.

The couple’s surrogate was seven months pregnant when Shepherd filed for divorce.

Shepherd’s team lost their case in November shortly before Thanksgiving, and nowThe Legal Intelligencer reports that Shepherd is taking to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, arguing ‘lower courts usurped legislative authority in ruling Shepherd’s surrogacy contract made her the legal parent of the resulting child.’

But she refused to accept the court’s decision so her attorney was in the Court of Appeals on Monday, October 5 to argue this decision.

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