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Sunday, January 17, 2016

“Mom, isn’t it more beautiful to have three of us, than just two?”


By Jay Hobbs

Mihajlo turns a year old at the end of January. While he’s a few years away from grasping the reason, but he’ll have his sister to thank any time he celebrates his birthday.

If it weren’t for his sister and his mom’s encounter with a life-affirming pregnancy center in Novi Sad, Serbia, it’s likely Mihajlo wouldn’t have drawn his first breath.

Living in a 290 square-foot apartment with her husband and two small children—a 4-year-old daughter and 7-month-old son—“Rada,” Mihajlo’s mother “couldn’t even imagine giving birth to another child.”

Rada had confirmed her pregnancy at Choose Life Center in Novi Sad, ground zero for a burgeoning pregnancy help movement in the nations that once comprised Yugoslavia. But with a national abortion rate in Serbia twice that of live births, she was having a difficult time seeing beyond her own desperation.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about making an appointment for abortion,” Rada said in a video produced by Choose Life Center. “When I arrived home, I was shivering with excitement and panic. For several days, I was completely trapped by thoughts that abortion is the only option for me.”

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