Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pro-Life Waco--a Look Back & Marching Forward for Life in January

from John Pisciotta (The Protest Retireee)
Director of Pro-Life Waco

1. I-35 Overpass Outreach for Roe Week

Pro-Life Waco’s outreach for the regrettable anniversary of Roe Week was an Interstate 35 Pedestrian Overpass Outreach at mid-day on Saturday, January 16. Massive flow of traffic. Barrage of positive honking. The weather was cold and windy. Not Chicago cold, but it was cold. Eight pro-lifers happily endured. We warmed up with a nice meal at George’s Restaurant after the outreach. Messages were received by thousands of people—those with us and those not yet converted. The thing I love about “public square” outreach is that we are not just “preaching to the choir.” In “public square” outreach the message also goes out to lukewarm pro-lifers and those now strongly opposed to us. With the short messages of an overpass outreach, no one can look away.

2. #ProtestBOA in Waco and in Austin throughout January.
It is Tuesday in Waco and then Wednesday in Austin each Wednesday.
Each Tuesday, we deliver #ProtestBOA outreach in Waco at 11-1 p.m. at 1100 N. Valley Mills Drive. Park in the Kentucky Fried Chicken lot directly across the street from Bank of America or use street parking of Emerson Drive which is right off of Lake Air Drive (with Harold Waite Restaurant on your right and Uncle Dan’s BBQ Restaurant on your left).

The Austin location is Bank of America at 515 Congress Ave. Time is 11 to 1 p.m. each Wednesday. We will again vanpool from the St. Mary’s parking lot at 15th and Columbus Avenue departing at 9 AM. We will stop in Georgetown for lunch and be back in Waco by about 4 p.m. This is the ULTIMATE “public square” outreach. We take up our pro-life positions for engagement with pedestrians, bikers, auto travelers, and bank employees and customers. Let me know about any Wednesday you will join the gang for an experience you will never forget.
Get the entire scoop about Protest Bank of America here.

3. Rally for Life in Austin, Saturday, January 23

Vans headed for Austin will depart from the parking lots of both St. Mary’s and St. Louis churches in Waco at 10:30 a.m. on January 23. Respond to this email and reserve a seat to join this great day of outreach and fellowship. You can also call John Pisciotta at 254-644-0407. Two to four thousand pro-lifers will march up Congress Avenue beginning at 1 p.m. Several of us will hold our big overpass signs as we march with the message “God is Pro-Life.” Speeches (etc.) at the steps of the capital will be from 2 to 3 p.m. This is the largest pro-life event of the year in Texas. Waco should be well represented. Current weather forecast is clear and sunny. We should be back in Waco by 5 p.m.  Find out more about the Rally for Life using this link.  

Don’t let January end without participating in at least one event during this horrific “anniversary” month. This was the month in 1973 when the Supreme Court decided Roe v Wade. The result has been the deaths of 58,000,000 innocent preborn babies. January is also the month when Planned Parenthood Waco began the slaughter of innocents. The terror ended in McLennan County in August of 2013, but not before 19,000 preborn babies were killed. This happened in our community. To be passive in the face of all this evil is to offer tacit acceptance.

4. Billboard truck driver(s) needed for Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Pro-Life Waco is short on drivers to get the pro-life billboard truck out in front of Planned Parenthood each week-day morning. Tuesday and Thursday mornings are the needs in this very important and potentially life-saving collaboration. However, pregnant women come to Planned Parenthood and seek counseling. Planned Parenthood will push moms to abortions at their Austin and Dallas branches. If one person takes on a morning move of the truck, this involves picking up the truck at St. Mary’s, driving to Planned Parenthood on Ross Avenue, and then walking back to your car at St. Mary’s (18 minutes). If two persons handle this, one can drop the truck driver off at St. Mary’s and then pick the truck driver up at Planned Parenthood. For a married couple this can followed by an enjoyable breakfast out on the town. Pro-Life Waco is a large collaboration. Could you be a part of the truck driving ministry? I will provide on the job training.

5. 2016 Year in Review for Pro-Life Waco

What a year! From Battles of Target and Walmart to Protest Bank of America. A Dawn to Dusk Pedestrian Overpass Outreach over Interstate 35 to protest Planned Parenthood cruelty. And a whole lot more.  Find out more using this link.  

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