Sunday, January 10, 2016

Miracle Mom Gave Birth in a Coma and Didn’t Meet Her Baby Until Four Months Later


By Micaiah Bilger

Louise Bonfield was 37-weeks pregnant when she began experiencing signs of a stroke. Her right arm and leg began tingling. Then one side of her face fell.

The Daily Mail reports that the young British mother suffered bleeding in her brain, and she and her baby almost died. Though doctors were able to save both mother and child, Louise spent four months in a coma after giving birth, according to the report.

The 26-year-old had a normal pregnancy up until her third trimester. According to the report, Bonfield’s doctors initially thought her symptoms were merely a trapped nerve, but as symptoms got worse, Bonfield’s family became worried.

Her mother, Maggie Bonefiled, rushed Louise to the hospital one day after she lost control of her body, the report states.

At the hospital, the young mother “had blood coming from her mouth, nose and ears,” her mother recalled. “It was really upsetting to see.”

“A doctor told us they didn’t have the required equipment so Louise was sent to Romford Hospital,” Maggie continued. “They told us she had to be seen to in 45 minutes, or she could die. I was terrified, not only for my daughter’s life, but for my grandchild’s too.”

As Louise fell in and out of consciousness, she gave birth to her baby girl via emergency C-section, the report states. Immediately, baby Chloe was rushed to the maternity ward while the doctors prepared to perform brain surgery on Louise, according to the report.

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