Friday, January 8, 2016

Pro-Life Movement Welcomes Influx of Youth

from Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

As the pro-life message continues to spread, abortionists are finding themselves losing ground. 

The so-called "National Abortion Rights Action League" (NARAL) former president Nancy Keenan admitted in an interview that the abortionists can't seem to get many young activists.

The contrast is distinctly evident on college campuses where large pro-life groups put to shame the much smaller so-called "pro-choice" groups.

But she stressed the fact that she was completely surprised by the number of young pro-life activists at the March for Life last year, standing in stark contrast with the lack of young people among her own organization's activists.I can say that what she saw was true, because I was there too.

I was encouraged and excited by the enthusiasm and dedication of young people in their desire to protect life in our fight to end abortion-on-demand.Thousands of young people came out at their own expense on a cold January morning to make a stand in defense of the unborn.

The abortionists couldn't help but notice with envy how many of those marching were young people. For any movement or organization to remain viable, there has to be continual growth. It cannot remain stagnant. Yet that is exactly where the abortionists are finding themselves. 

The pro-life movement on the other hand, is experiencing rapid growth as young people everywhere have been joining forces with you and me demanding that the Sanctity of Life be protected.

As I observe the continued growth that this movement is experiencing, I cannot help but look forward to the future ahead with growing anticipation.

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