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Monday, May 30, 2016

Ethical Objections to Embryo Research can Trigger Genuine Progress

It now appears that the 'vital' 3-parent
embryo technique may be harmful 

by Philippa Taylor

An admission from scientists in the latest issue of the journal Nature, that production of three-parent embryos may not accomplish the stated goals, reminds me of a promise made by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2008, one that most people have long forgotten.

In fact, I suspect that many MPs and a good number of scientists would prefer his promises were conveniently forgotten. Talking about the creation of animal-human hybrid embryos Brown said: “I also see the profound opportunity we have to save and transform millions of lives through this strand of medicine.”

He continued: “The doctors and scientists I speak to are committed to what they see as an inherently moral endeavour that can save and improve the lives of thousands and, over time, millions of people.” (emphases added)

To be fair to Brown, he was responding to the promises of scientists, aided by the media, to make these claims, and perhaps one day hybrid embryos will be successfully created and will help with some research. But the promises that they will save millions were utterly farcical, both then and now.

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