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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Famed Pastor Has a Strong Message for Christians Who Support Pro-Planned Parenthood Politicians: ‘You Need to Repent’

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Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the
National Hispanic Christian LPeadership Conference

By Billy Hallowell
The Blaze

The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, recently offered up a passionate rebuke of politicians who defend Planned Parenthood, explaining why he believes Christian voters must not support these individuals.

In fact, Rodriguez, author of the new book ”Be Light,” called it “morally reprehensible” for Bible-believers to stand behind candidates who openly defend the controversial women’s health care organization.

“I want to speak to every single African American, Latino, and Ango Christ follower who believes in biblical orthodoxy — how can we justify supporting anything — be it Republican or Democrat — that in any way, form or shape defends Planned Parenthood?” Rodriguez told The Church Boys podcast. “How can we justify supporting any political candidate that defends Planned Parenthood?”

And he wasn’t done there. The preacher went on to call such a prospect “morally reprehensible,” saying that it is a “contradiction to our commitment to Christ and scripture.”

“Any Christian who would support a candidate who defends Planned Parenthood really needs to seek scripture,” he continued. “You need to repent, because there’s culpability in what takes place in this nation as it pertains to the abortion industry if you dare support a candidate who supports Planned Parenthood.”

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  1. Good for Rev. Rodriguez! He is following in a LONG tradition of those with voices speaking up for those who have no voices.