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Rebekah took the abortion pill, then immediately thought: ‘Oh Lord, what did I just do?’

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Rebekah Buell with her two sons. The youngest, Zechariah,
was rescued from abortion through Abortion Pill Reversal.

By Rachael Leigh
Life Site News

On April 19 Rebekah Buell stood before California’s State Assembly to defend AB 2134, a bill stating that all abortion clinics providing the abortion pill RU486 must also inform their clients of the pill’s reversal alternative.

While still a 17-year-old high school student, Buell became pregnant with her first child. Determined not to become a stereotypical teenage mother, she managed to graduate early, get accepted into Sacramento State University and marry the father of her child.

Soon after her marriage, however, Buell realized she was in an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship.

“I was about halfway through my freshman year of college and my marriage was very physically and verbally abusive. I knew I needed to leave,” Buell said. “Right as I began the divorce process I found out I was pregnant again.”

This news was the culmination of Buell’s fears. “I was living with my parents,” Buell said. “My dad had said, we've done a lot for you with your first pregnancy, but if you get pregnant again, we will have to force you and your son to leave.”

For the sake of her son, Elias, Buell began to consider her options.

“I really thought that having another baby would hurt my son’s life. I’d be losing my family’s support,” Buell said. “There goes my house, staying in college, and my son’s medical insurance. I was about five weeks along. I thought I had to have an abortion. I grew up in a Christian home but I justified my decision by thinking God would forgive me.”

After finding a clinic, Buell went in for a consultation. “I was just under six weeks pregnant and was dead set on starting the chemical abortion that day,” Buell said. “I’m on the table and the tech comes in. I’d had a kid before and my ob-gyn showed me the ultrasound. I’m waiting for her to flip the screen. It was so strange to me that she wouldn’t let me see the monitor!”

Buell caught a glimpse of the ultrasound print-out and asked if she could keep it, but was informed she would have to write a letter to the clinic’s director and pay a $35 fee. After becoming increasingly frustrated, Buell decided to switch to a Planned Parenthood facility in Sacramento.

At this consultation, Planned Parenthood staff told Buell that although she was now seven weeks pregnant, they weren’t seeing a heartbeat and didn’t know whether it was a viable pregnancy. Because they were unable to draw blood, Buell was forced to return a week later.

By this time, she was already eight weeks pregnant. “I’m holding the abortion pill in a cup and we’re talking about it. I kept thinking, chemical abortions are supposed to be less invasive and less painful. My concern was that it would be easy to hide since I was living with my parents.”

Deciding she had no other option, Buell took the pill and was sent on her way. It was a decision she instantly regretted. 

“I got into my car and thought, ‘Oh Lord, what did I just do?’ I started thinking about my son at home that I adored. I started thinking about the baby I was carrying and what that pill was doing to the baby at the moment. I started crying and praying,” Buell said. 

Rebekah's story continues:

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